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Your career in cancer research – working together to defeat cancer

We’ve created a guide to careers in cancer research for anyone interested in science – particularly for young people in secondary schools and sixth forms.

Your career in cancer research booklet

About our booklet

Our world-leading research is conducted by people with different skills, backgrounds and viewpoints including researchers who have trained in biology, chemistry, genetics, physics, mathematics, medicine, computational biology and more.

Knowing that we are all working together to make the discoveries to defeat cancer is inspiring. But we also want to inspire the next generation of cancer researchers – people like you.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a scientist, you can find the answer, and more, in our guide.   

The booklet covers:

  • what is it like working in research, science and medicine?
  • what subjects have scientists studied at school?
  • what are scientists like as people?
  • what does a research career involve?
  • where to start on a career in science
  • studying science at university and other options.

At the ICR, we make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

Maybe our next discovery will be you!

This booklet has been supported by a Biochemical Society Diversity in Science grant.

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