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Meet the London Marathon runners joining us in the race to defeat cancer


As runners from across the globe prepare to hit London’s streets for the capital’s annual flagship running event, we hear from some of those participating in the London Marathon to raise money for our vital research – and the powerful motivations that keep them focused on reaching the finish line.

Posted on 15 April, 2024 by Elspeth Massey

Dylan wearing a hoodie, glasses and an ICR vest stands in a car park next to his Dad Scott, wearing an ICR vest. They're both smiling into the camera

Image: Scott Hutton (right) with his son Dylan (left). Credit: Scott Hutton

No one should have to lose their life to cancer” - Scott Hutton, 43, from Glasgow

“My stepdad, Dave, was one in a million. He was a special person and would do anything for anyone. He came into my life when I was 19 and living this past year without him has been unbearable. 

“Dave was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in January 2023. He was fit and healthy and ran a lot. He hadn’t seemed himself and had lost some weight, but there didn’t seem to be anything obviously wrong. It all happened very quickly. He only had one round of chemotherapy and he died just four months after his diagnosis. It broke me and my family.

“I decided to run the marathon for the ICR with my son Dylan. Together, we’ve formed Team Dave, and we’re hoping to raise £4,000. We’re raising money for the ICR because it’s so important to find new treatments for this horrible disease. No one should have to lose their life to cancer.

“I’m both nervous and excited as the Marathon gets closer. The day will be full of mixed emotions. We’ve got lots of family coming to cheer us on, but it’ll be bittersweet without Dave alongside us.”

You can support Scott and Dylan at

Ally cuddles up to her mum on a sofa with her dad sitting next to her mum. All three smile at the camera

Image: Ally and her parents. Credit: Ally Crosson

“Running has been my therapy” - Ally Crosson, 52, from Asheville, North Carolina

“Cancer has hit close to home for me. Within the last year, both my beautiful parents developed cancer and died. Mum got diagnosed with lung cancer and my dad’s cancer was found in his colon. For both of them it had spread to other organs and they died earlier this year within 30 days of each other. It’s been devastating.

“I live in North Carolina, but when they were diagnosed I came over to help care for them at their home in Devon. Running has been my therapy. To be able to leave the house and run for an hour has been extremely helpful. 

“That’s why I’m supporting the ICR by running the London Marathon. Not only am I honouring my parents, but I’m raising money to help fund research into new cancer treatments. There are many promising treatments out there, like immunotherapy, and it’s so important that we know more about how to treat cancer.

Ally and her parents pose for the camera in a street lined with houses on one sideImage: Ally and her parents. Credit: Ally Crosson

“The Marathon will be an emotional day and my daughter, who lives in London, will be there to cheer me on. I’m planning to raise £2,000 and every penny counts. Eventually, science will defeat cancer.”

Support Ally’s fundraising at

Joel, Anita, Emily and Harry Southgate stand in a garden and pose for the camera in iCR vests

Image: L-R Joel Anita Emily and Harry Southgate Credit: The Southgate family


It’ll be my first marathon” - Joel Southgate, 26, from Norwich

“Most of us will have to experience the impact of cancer during our lives, either personally or through loved ones. The fear, uncertainty and helplessness that this brings is unparalleled and something that no one should have to go through. We were in complete shock when our mum, Anita, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Mum has since had surgery and radiotherapy, and is having ongoing hormone treatment. She has been incredible and has been determined to carry on with her training to become a doctor, continuing to work 12-hour shifts. We’re so proud of her.

“I’m running the London Marathon alongside my brother and sister, Harry and Emily.  We want to do what we can to support organisations who are at the forefront of developing new cancer treatments, so that less people have to experience the horrible impacts of cancer. That’s why we’re supporting the ICR and want to raise as much as we can. 

Joel and Emily Southgate training for London marathon

Image: Joel and Emily Southgate training for London marathon. Credit: The Southgate family

“We’ve challenged ourselves to complete the race in under four hours. It’ll be my first marathon, so I’m a bit nervous, but training has been going well. We’ve raised £2,600 so far.”

To support Joel, Harry and Emily, please donate to their fundraising page:


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