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Research at The Institute of Cancer Research is structured into eight scientific Divisions.

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For an initial conversation about scientific career opportunities at the ICR, please contact the relevant Head of Division:

Breast Cancer Research

Identifies causes of breast cancer to improve diagnosis and discover new approaches to cancer treatment.

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Cancer Biology

Studies the processes that drive cancer development, growth and spread to identify new treatment targets.

Head of Division:


Cancer Therapeutics

Exploits addictions and vulnerabilities of cancer cells to discover new drugs and biomarkers.

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Clinical Studies

Coordinates high-quality early and late-phase trials in both adult and childhood cancers.

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Genetics and Epidemiology

Detects influential factors in cancer risk, and translates discoveries into clinical practice.

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Molecular Pathology

Translates tumour characterisation advances into approaches to implement personalised cancer treatment. 

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Radiotherapy and Imaging

Investigates new diagnostic imaging methods and ways of improving radiotherapy.

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Structural Biology

Examines the significance of proteins and complexes in cancer development and treatment.

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