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Research themes

Research teams at The Institute of Cancer Research, London typically focus on a particular area of cancer research which can often focus on a single type of cancer. However, there are many research themes that can span across the work of different teams, including artificial intelligence, immunotherapy and genomics. 

  • Genomics

    Advances in the technology to read people’s DNA have made it so much faster and cheaper that we can now read the genetic code of many different genes at once, increasingly by sequencing the entire genome of a patient or their cancer.

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  • Clinical trials

    Our Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit (ICR-CTSU) leads the design, conduct and analysis of phase II and III national and international cancer clinical trials.

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  • Immunotherapy

    Finding ways to stimulate the body's immune system to help attack cancer cells is a growing area of research at The Institute of Cancer Research.

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  • Artificial intelligence

    Scientists at the ICR employ artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning in order to better understand cancer and discover new treatments.

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  • Cancer evolution

    Confronting cancer's ability to adapt and evolve is a key area of research at the ICR and forms a central part of our current research strategy.

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  • Chemical probes

    Small-molecule chemical probes are important tools that are widely used by scientists to modify – usually to inhibit – the activity of individual proteins in isolated cells or organisms and hence to determine their function.

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The pages listed below highlight the latest news about our research in these specific themes, and provide a broad overview of our expertise in each area.

Artificial intelligence


BRCA gene mutations

Cancer evolution

Clinical trials

Chemical probes