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Patient and public involvement and engagement

We work with people who have experienced cancer to help make sure our research is as relevant, patient-friendly and effective as possible.

A nurse sitting down with a patient in a hospital setting and holding his hand

Taking part in a clinical trial

Thousands of people with cancer are currently taking part in our clinical trials. Where possible, each clinical trial page includes a link to a plain English summary.

You can also find out more about getting support and taking part in clinical trials on Cancer Research UK and Macmillan’s websites.

Please speak to your cancer specialist to find out whether one of our clinical trials may be a suitable option for you, or someone you know.

Patient and public involvement in research

We value patient and public involvement in our research and work closely with people with experience of cancer and relevant patient advocacy groups from the earliest stages of trial development.

Involving people with lived experience of cancer, whatever their background, is critical to making sure our research is as relevant and patient friendly as possible. Our patient advocates work with us and our study management groups to provide patient perspective throughout the trial lifecycle, from initial idea to sharing results.

Find out more about what this involves in our flyer:

Unite in the fight to beat cancer

If you are interested in finding out more about helping with our research in this way, including the training we offer, please contact or register for The ICR and Royal Marsden’s Cancer Patients’ Voice online platform to find out about current opportunities.

You can also find out about opportunities to get involved elsewhere by visiting:

Current opportunities

Could you help us develop research for breast cancer?

Could you help us develop a research trial for bladder cancer?

Could you help us develop research for head and neck cancer?