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Working with the ICR-CTSU

We work with researchers worldwide to develop our research and maximise use of our data.

Who we work with

Patients and the public

We work in partnership with those affected by cancer to lead innovative, equitable scientifically-rich cancer trials, develop underlying trial methodology and, by maximising use of participants’ data, gain further understandings of mechanisms of action and markers of treatment sensitivity or resistance.

International researchers

We work together with clinicians and other researchers, including laboratory-based and data scientists, to help formulate and drive clinical research priorities.

We also collaborate with national and international collaborative groups and other trials units to support and conduct research worldwide.

Who we are

Our team of experienced statisticians, trial managers, data managers, clinical IT systems and administrative staff supports the full trial life cycle from initial discussions of trial concept, through design and development, day-to-day management, to analysis and reporting.