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Joint Department of Physics

The Joint Department of Physics conducts and translates research and development of medical physics into clinical practice. The department is a collaboration of academic and clinical staff from The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

Radiotherapy IMRT

Medical physics research on cancer imaging and therapy is an essential component to improve the clinical outcomes for patients being treated for cancer. 

The Joint Department of Physics initiates the next generation of radiotherapy treatments by combining the most recent developments in cancer biology, cancer therapeutics and medical physics in a truly interdisciplinary approach.

Research roles include developing new therapeutic techniques, for example adaptive radiotherapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy, and improving current ultrasound, X-ray and molecular imaging for cancer diagnostics.

Researchers within the department also work on the development of methods that improve treatment planning and optimise the delivery of radiation through image-guided radiotherapy technologies. A major research topic is the management of uncertainties during all steps of the therapy pathway. Teams are developing and implementing reliable methods of tumour motion management techniques and optimisation algorithms to improve the accuracy of the delivery process.

The Joint Department of Physics also provides support for the clinical activities of radiotherapy, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and radiology, and manages a radiation protection service at The Royal Marsden.