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Breast Cancer Now Nina Barough Pathology Core Facility

The Breast Cancer Now Nina Barough Pathology Core Facility provides diagnostic and research-based histopathology to both the Breast Cancer Now Research Centre and research teams within The Institute of Cancer Research.

Pathology slides (Jan Chlebik for the ICR, 2011)

Photo: Jan Chlebik/the ICR 

The modern laboratory is well-equipped laboratory and offers a comprehensive repertoire of histological services, including tissue processing, embedding, and cutting of clinical or animal material. The laboratory is equipped with two auto-stainers for immunohistochemical detection, and a semi-automatic tissue arrayer for constructing tissue microarrays from clinical or research material.

While the facility’s priority is to Breast Cancer Now scientists, they also offer advice in histopathological technique to researchers within the ICR.

For more information, please contact the Core Facility Manager, Naomi Guppy.