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Breast Cancer Research Bioinformatics Group

Dr Syed Haider’s multidisciplinary team combines bioinformatics and statistical machine learning techniques to identify therapeutic vulnerabilities and biomarkers of aggressive disease, particularly in breast cancer.

Group leader

Headshot of Syed Haider

Dr Syed Haider

+44 20 7153 5338

Dr Haider has expertise in developing computational approaches for the discovery of target genes of breast cancer risk loci, and biomarkers of disease outcome and therapy response. His team employs a range of data science techniques to prioritise candidate genes by prosecuting multi-modal bulk and single-cell molecular profiles. His team also enables bioinformatics research and development in the breast division encompassing both hypothesis-driven and hypothesis-generating translational research.

Team members

Fatemeh Ahmadi Moughari

Postdoctoral Research Fellow +44 20 7153 5530

Dr John Alexander

Analytical Scientist +44 20 7153 5226

Dr Aditi Gulati

Analytical Scientist +44 20 7153 5047

Dr Jacopo Iacovacci

Honorary Appointment

Dr Harriet Kemp

Analytical Scientist +44 20 7153 5143

Sam Lawson

Analytical Scientist +44 20 7153 5470

Shaun Tan

Analytical Scientist in Bioinformatics/Machine Learning +44 20 3437 6796

Dr Hui Xiao

Analytical Scientist +44 20 7153 5166

Dr Yu Zhang

Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 3437 7066