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Cancer and Genome Instability Team

Professor Wojciech Niedzwiedz’s team investigates how cells repair damaged DNA with the highest possible fidelity in order to prevent catastrophic changes to their genome. The goal of this research is to understand some of the most fundamental processes in cell physiology and how these differ in cancer cells.  

Team leader

Professor Wojciech  Niedzwiedz

Professor Wojciech Niedzwiedz

Team Leader

Professor Wojciech Niedzwiedz investigates the mechanisms by which cells detect and repair damaged DNA, and how dysregulation of DNA damage responses leads to genomic instability, cancer-prone and premature aging syndromes. Professor Niedzwiedz heads the Cancer and Genome Instability Team.

ORCID 0000-0002-8518-6304

Team members

Dr Ronan Broderick

Senior Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 7469

Karolina Chabowska

PhD Student +442071535176

Caroline Clarke

PhD Student +442071535176

Dr Alexandra Kanellou

Post-doctoral Training Fellow +442071535026

Dr Peter Martin  

Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 3437 7625

Dr Jadwiga Nieminuszczy

Senior Scientific Officer +442071535176

Charlotte Smith

Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 7153 5434