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Health Informatics

Professor Céire Costelloe leads a team of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers funded through the NIHR, UKRI and Horizon 2020, conducting research with a focus on the use of real-world data to provide evidence to inform healthcare service and delivery, and improve outcomes in patients with cancer.c

Team leader

Professor Ceire Costelloe

Professor Ceire Costelloe

Team Leader

Céire Costelloe is a Professor of Health Informatics at the ICR. Céire is an expert in the use of data to predict, inform, develop and evaluate interventions within the real-world healthcare setting. She works closely with colleagues at Royal Marsden Hospital.

Team members

Dr Kate Honeyford

Research Associate +44 20 3437 6819

Martin Orr

Research Methodologist +44 20 3437 6083

Alf Timney

Research Methodologist +44 20 3437 6092