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Health Informatics

Professor Céire Costelloe leads a team of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers funded through the NIHR, UKRI and Horizon 2020, conducting research with a focus on the use of real-world data to provide evidence to inform healthcare service and delivery, and improve outcomes in patients with cancer.

Group leader

Professor Ceire Costelloe

Professor Ceire Costelloe

Céire Costelloe is a Professor of Health Informatics at the ICR. Céire is an expert in the use of data to predict, inform, develop and evaluate interventions within the real-world healthcare setting. She works closely with colleagues at Royal Marsden Hospital.

Group members

Marcel Al Ied

Epidemiology Research Assistant +44 20 3437 6113

Dr Kate Honeyford

Research Associate

Hoda Nemat

Epidemiology Research Assistant

Alf Timney

Research Methodologist +44 20 3437 6092

Dr Ping Wu

Epidemiology Research Fellow