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Research overview

Professor Judith Bliss, ICR-CTSU Breast and Rare Cancers Trials Team

The Cancer Research UK funded Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit (ICR-CTSU) provides the scientific leadership and operational management to develop, conduct and report high quality, innovative randomised trials, with integrated translational and psychosocial research. ICR-CTSU is an NCRI Accredited and UKCRC Registered Clinical Trials Unit with an established track record. Recently published trials have led directly to changes in clinical practice. Our research work is focussed in selected clinical and therapeutic areas; with Professor Bliss leading the ICR-CTSU Breast and Rare Cancers Trials Team undertaking trials of systemic therapies, radiotherapy and surgical techniques.

The aims of the research are to continue to develop, conduct and report high quality trials, and associated research, of scientific importance and which will impact directly on clinical practice within the NHS and internationally. Building on past successes, and recognising the changing national and international priorities for clinical trials, our programme of randomised trials have the following focus:

Early breast cancer – systemic therapy

  • The advent of UK based peri-operative trials
  • International trials for targeted treatments – what can the UK offer?
  • Refining adjuvant chemotherapy – where do we go next?

Advanced breast cancer – systemic therapy

  • Development of targeted therapies

Early breast cancer – radiotherapy

  • The limits of hypofractionation
  • Tailoring radiotherapy

Surgical trials and other cancer sites

  • Complex surgical interventions
  • Head and neck cancer

Fundamental to both the scientific hypothesis, and to the conduct of these trials, is the targeting of treatments towards patients with the most potential for therapeutic gain. In addition to evaluation of therapeutic outcome, scientific output will be maximised by integrated biomarker directed translational research; patient assessed quality of life & symptom evaluation; statistical and trials methodology research.

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