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Information for UKGPCS collaborators

Find out how you can get involved as a collaborator in the UK Genetic Prostate Cancer Study, find a list of all collaborators and access guidelines and study forms.

Getting involved as a collaborator  

We welcome new sites to the study; please contact us if you would like to start the study at your hospital and we will provide you with the password to download the documents from this website.

This is what you have to do:

1. Get local R&D approval

The study has NRES approval and you will need to complete a site-specific-assessment (SSA) and get research governance approval from your R&D department to allow you to run the study.

Each R&D department varies in its requirements, but the documents that you will definitely have to put through your R&D are:

If your R&D require any other documentation from us please contact us.

2. Fill in a clinical agreement form

We also need the principal investigator at each site to fill in our clinical agreement form to acknowledge that your site will comply with the study protocol.

The principal investigator and an R&D representative from your site must sign and date TWO COPIES of this form once you have R&D approval in place. Please insert your site name on the front page of the form, include an estimate of your yearly accrual on this form, and let us know if any conflict of interest may arise due to your participation in the trial.

Please also write the names of the signatories clearly on the forms in block capitals.

Once we receive the forms we will complete the signatures here and return one fully-signed copy back to you for your records.

3. Send to us

  • A copy of your R&D approval letter
  • Two copies of the signed clinical agreement
  • Copy of each localised study forms

We cannot accept any referrals from your site until we have received these documents.

All UKGPCS Collaborators (since 1993)

UKGPCS Collaborators by Surname

UKGPCS Collaborators by Hospital

These are list of collaborators in order of consultant surname, OR hospital name. These collaborators will appear on our publications as the “UKGPCS collaborators”, and include anyone who has referred a patient to the study since 1993.

Please let us know you think you should be listed but have been omitted.

Guidelines and study forms for collaborators

Document for nurses and consultants

Please follow this SOP to recruit patient to the study:

Forms and guidance for clinical details