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Research projects

Dr Anna Kirby, Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Team

HeartSpare Plus: Chief Investigator

This study aims to identify and evaluate optimal radiotherapy techniques for treating locoregional lymph nodes in women with lymph-node positive breast cancer whilst limiting the dose to normal tissues, in order to reduce the risks of radiation-induced heart disease and second cancers.

CORE Trial: Breast Lead Co-Investigator

This trial is evaluating the role of stereotactic radiotherapy in treating small-volume metastatic disease.

Quartus Study: Principal Investigator

This study is using novel ultrasound techniques to evaluate patients who develop breast swelling and hardness following breast radiotherapy.

PRADA Study: Co-Investigator

The PRADA study is investigating whether reversing the order of mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction and adjuvant radiotherapy is safe, with a view to improving cosmetic outcomes in women requiring breast radiotherapy and DIEP flap reconstruction.

IMPORT Trials>: Chief Clinical Co-Ordinator

These trials are evaluating partial breast irradiation and simultaneous integrated boost in women at low and high risk of relapse respectively.

BRITER Study: Principal Investigator

A Randomised Clinical Trial comparing the use of dark ink and fluorescent (“invisible”) tattoos

External funding

Cancer Research UK

National Institute for Health Research “Research for Patient Benefit” Programme

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