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Research overview

Dr Glenn Flux, Radioisotope Physics Team

Dr Glenn Flux's team is responsible for research and clinical practice with radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Their primary area of interest is quantifying the images we obtain from our clinical cameras that allow us to visualise the distribution of radioactivity after it is injected into a patient. This allows them to know the levels of radioactivity which in turn can be used to calculate the radiation doses delivered to tumours and to healthy organs.

One of their main aims in calculating the radioactive uptake in patients is to develop personalised treatments with radiotherapeutics, whereby the radiation injected takes into account the uptake pattern in each patient.

This is a field with relatively few patients and it is important to establish collaborations in the UK and wider afield.

The group has published widely on aspects of physics for radioisotope imaging and therapy and has led many research studies.

The group is currently performing clinical dosimetry-based trials supported by the UK Department of Health and the European Commission. 

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Research overview