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Radiotherapy Physics Modelling Team

Professor Uwe Oelfke’s team is researching ways of using modern hardware to improve the delivery of targeted radiotherapy.

Team leader

Professor Uwe Oelfke

Professor Uwe Oelfke

Professor Uwe Oelfke is combining recent developments in cancer biology, cancer therapeutics and medical physics in order to improve radiotherapy treatment and planning. He has had a varied career spanning theoretical nuclear physics and finally medical physics.

ORCID 0000-0003-2309-0814

Team members

Dr Carol Box
Dr Carol Box
Senior Scientific Officer

Working in the Centre for Cancer Imaging (CCI), I facilitate biological experiments for scientists (usually with a non-biological background) who are developing imaging biomarkers to monitor treatment response. Particular interests include tumour hypoxia and molecular mechanisms of therapy resistance. As the Deputy CCI Lab Manager I also contribute to the efficient operation of the CCI’s research facilities.

Alex Dunlop
Alex Dunlop
Radiotherapy Physicist

I work jointly at the Royal Marsden Hospital and the ICR as a radiotherapy physicist with an interest in adaptive radiotherapy techniques. I have worked on the clinical implementation of the Elekta Unity MR-linac at the RMH with a focus on adaptive re-planning strategies and workflows.

Edmund Goodwin
PhD Student

I am a Clinical Scientist in the MR Linac Group at the Royal Marsden Hospital. I am currently undertaking a PhD investigating dose reconstruction methods for dynamic tumour tracked and online adapted treatments on the MR Linac.

Prashant Nair
Prashant Nair
Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 3437 6813

I am a Postdoctoral Training Fellow working on distortion-less diffusion-weighted MRI for the Unity MR-Linac system. Another research interest to me is characterization of intravoxel incoherent motion with tailored diffusion-weighting gradient profiles. To achieve this, I use MR pulse programming, which I learned during my PhD on MR Neurography.

Dr Simeon Nill

Dr Simeon Nill, is a clinical scientist who specialises in ways of targeting radiotherapy that take into account tumour movement.

David Bernstein
PhD Student
Debbie Carrick
T +44 20 8915 6220
David Collins
Honorary Appointment
Dr Bjoern Eiben
Research Software Engineer T +44 20 3437 6638
Tarun Gangil
Postdoctoral Training Fellow T +44 20 3437 6690
Jessica Keegan
Administrative Assistant / Course Administrator T +44 20 3437 6817
Lisa Patterson
CCI Laboratory Manager T +44 20 8722 4320
Lesley Richards
Honorary Appointment
Caroline Saunders
Executive Assistant T +44 20 8661 3702
Dr Maria Schmidt
Honorary Appointment T +44 20 8661 3353
Dr Anna Shiarli
Honorary Appointment
Cheryl Taylor
Administrative Assistant/Course Administrator T +44 20 8661 3704
Joanna Wilk
Scientific Officer T +44 20 3437 6915
Dr Lauren Yeomans
Postdoctoral Training Fellow T +44 20 3437 6883