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Research projects

Our research consists of three interwoven themes.

Hypofractionation in prostate cancer

  • Using the MR Linac to deliver gold-standard image guided radiotherapy and to establish the benefits of this novel device
  • Exploring the role of profound hypofractionation (SBRT in 5 fractions) in intermediate and high risk prostate cancer
  • Dose-painting (putting the radiation dose where it has the optimal therapeutic ratio) in moderate and profound hypofractionation
  • Exploring the limits of extreme hypofractionation

Radiotherapy for metastatic disease

  • Can radiation be used as a systemic therapy in metastatic disease?
  • Can radiation provide a method of ablating treatment resistant clones?
  • Does irradiating pelvic lymph node microscopic metastases improve outcomes in prostate cancer?

Combining drug treatments with ablative radiotherapy for mutual synergy

  • Immunotherapy and radiotherapy are synergistic and combining the two is likely to augment the response of each.
  • Radiotherapy may be useful in targeting treatment resistant clones in castration-resistant prostate cancer, prolonging time on systemic therapy and delaying the need for chemotherapy.

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