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Rose, A.J. Fleming, M.M. Francis, J.C. Ning, J. Patrikeev, A. Chauhan, R. Harrington, K.J. Swain, A. (2024). Cell‐type‐specific tumour sensitivity identified with a bromodomain targeting PROTAC in adenoid cystic carcinoma. The journal of pathology, Vol.262 (1), pp. 37-49.  show abstract

Kerrison, W.G. Ning, J. Krasny, L. Arthur, A. Guljar, N. Elms, M.L. Swain, A. Jones, R.L. Thway, K. Huang, P.H. (2022). Characterisation of a Novel Cell Line (ICR-SS-1) Established from a Patient-Derived Xenograft of Synovial Sarcoma. , Vol.11 (15), pp. 2418-2418.  show abstract

Sowalsky, A.G. Figueiredo, I. Lis, R.T. Coleman, I. Gurel, B. Bogdan, D. Yuan, W. Russo, J.W. Bright, J.R. Whitlock, N.C. Trostel, S.Y. Ku, A.T. Patel, R.A. True, L.D. Welti, J. Jimenez-Vacas, J.M. Rodrigues, D.N. Riisnaes, R. Neeb, A. Sprenger, C.T. Swain, A. Wilkinson, S. Karzai, F. Dahut, W.L. Balk, S.P. Corey, E. Nelson, P.S. Haffner, M.C. Plymate, S.R. de Bono, J.S. Sharp, A. (2022). Assessment of Androgen Receptor Splice Variant-7 as a Biomarker of Clinical Response in Castration-Sensitive Prostate Cancer. , Vol.28 (16), pp. 3509-3525.  show abstract

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Francis, J.C. Gardiner, J.R. Renaud, Y. Chauhan, R. Weinstein, Y. Gomez-Sanchez, C. Lefrançois-Martinez, A.-. Bertherat, J. Val, P. Swain, A. (2021). HOX genes promote cell proliferation and are potential therapeutic targets in adrenocortical tumours. British journal of cancer, .  show abstract

Ermini, L. Francis, J.C. Rosa, G.S. Rose, A.J. Ning, J. Greaves, M. Swain, A. (2021). Evolutionary selection of alleles in the melanophilin gene that impacts on prostate organ function and cancer risk. , Vol.9 (1), pp. 311-321.  show abstract

Krasny, L. Bland, P. Burns, J. Lima, N.C. Harrison, P.T. Pacini, L. Elms, M.L. Ning, J. Martinez, V.G. Yu, Y.-. Acton, S.E. Ho, P.-. Calvo, F. Swain, A. Howard, B.A. Natrajan, R.C. Huang, P.H. (2020). A mouse SWATH-mass spectrometry reference spectral library enables deconvolution of species-specific proteomic alterations in human tumour xenografts. Disease models & mechanisms, Vol.13 (7).  show abstract

Krasny, L. Bland, P. Burns, J. Lima, N.C. Harrison, P.T. Pacini, L. Elms, M.L. Ning, J. Garcia Martinez, V. Yu, Y.-. Acton, S.E. Ho, P.-. Calvo, F. Swain, A. Howard, B.A. Natrajan, R.C. Huang, P.H. (2020). A mouse SWATH-MS reference spectral library enables deconvolution of species-specific proteomic alterations in human tumour xenografts. , .  show abstract

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Gonzalez-Exposito, R. Semiannikova, M. Griffiths, B. Khan, K. Barber, L.J. Woolston, A. Spain, G. von Loga, K. Challoner, B. Patel, R. Ranes, M. Swain, A. Thomas, J. Bryant, A. Saffery, C. Fotiadis, N. Guettler, S. Mansfield, D. Melcher, A. Powles, T. Rao, S. Watkins, D. Chau, I. Matthews, N. Wallberg, F. Starling, N. Cunningham, D. Gerlinger, M. (2019). CEA expression heterogeneity and plasticity confer resistance to the CEA-targeting bispecific immunotherapy antibody cibisatamab (CEA-TCB) in patient-derived colorectal cancer organoids. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, Vol.7 (1), pp. 101-?.  show abstract

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