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Dr Gideon Coster

Group Leader

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Dr Gideon Coster studies how errors during genome DNA replication are avoided or dealt with using a combination of in vitro biochemistry, genetics, proteomics and cell biology. He joined the ICR in October 2018 as a Sir Henry Dale Fellow. Group: Genome Replication ORCID 0000-0002-1449-6655

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Dr Gideon Coster obtained his BSc in Life Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, where he studied in the “Etgar” and “Amirim” honors programs for outstanding life sciences and natural sciences students.

He did his PhD studies with Professor Michal Goldberg at the Genetics Department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His work uncovered novel links between the DNA damage response pathway, the cell cycle machinery and the immune response.

Gideon then joined the lab of Dr John Diffley at the Clare Hall Laboratories of the London Research Institute, which later became part of the Francis Crick Institute, to carry out his postdoctoral work. During this time, he uncovered key mechanistic aspects of how the replicative helicase gets loaded onto DNA, work which has far-reaching implications for how our cells initiate the process of bidirectional DNA replication.

In October 2018 Gideon will join the Cancer Biology Division of the ICR, funded by a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society. His work will uncover how difficult to replicate regions of our genome are copied accurately in healthy cells and how this goes wrong in cancer cells.