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Bezzi, M. Seitzer, N. Ishikawa, T. Reschke, M. Chen, M. Wang, G. Mitchell, C. Ng, C. Katon, J. Lunardi, A. Signoretti, S. Clohessy, J.G. Zhang, J. Pandolfi, P.P. (2018). Diverse genetic-driven immune landscapes dictate tumor progression through distinct mechanisms. Nat med, Vol.24 (2), pp. 165-175.  show abstract

Mzoughi, S. Zhang, J. Hequet, D. Teo, S.X. Fang, H. Xing, Q.R. Bezzi, M. Seah, M.K. Ong, S.L. Shin, E.M. Wollmann, H. Wong, E.S. Al-Haddawi, M. Stewart, C.L. Tergaonkar, V. Loh, Y.-. Dunn, N.R. Messerschmidt, D.M. Guccione, E. (2017). PRDM15 safeguards naive pluripotency by transcriptionally regulating WNT and MAPK-ERK signaling. Nat genet, Vol.49 (9), pp. 1354-1363.  show abstract

Bezzi, M. Guarnerio, J. Pandolfi, P.P. (2017). A circular twist on microRNA regulation. Cell res, Vol.27 (12), pp. 1401-1402.  show abstract

Dewaele, M. Tabaglio, T. Willekens, K. Bezzi, M. Teo, S.X. Low, D.H. Koh, C.M. Rambow, F. Fiers, M. Rogiers, A. Radaelli, E. Al-Haddawi, M. Tan, S.Y. Hermans, E. Amant, F. Yan, H. Lakshmanan, M. Koumar, R.C. Lim, S.T. Derheimer, F.A. Campbell, R.M. Bonday, Z. Tergaonkar, V. Shackleton, M. Blattner, C. Marine, J.-. Guccione, E. (2016). Antisense oligonucleotide-mediated MDM4 exon 6 skipping impairs tumor growth. J clin invest, Vol.126 (1), pp. 68-84.  show abstract

Guarnerio, J. Bezzi, M. Jeong, J.C. Paffenholz, S.V. Berry, K. Naldini, M.M. Lo-Coco, F. Tay, Y. Beck, A.H. Pandolfi, P.P. (2016). Oncogenic Role of Fusion-circRNAs Derived from Cancer-Associated Chromosomal Translocations. Cell, Vol.165 (2), pp. 289-302.  show abstract

Koh, C.M. Bezzi, M. Low, D.H. Ang, W.X. Teo, S.X. Gay, F.P. Al-Haddawi, M. Tan, S.Y. Osato, M. Sabò, A. Amati, B. Wee, K.B. Guccione, E. (2015). MYC regulates the core pre-mRNA splicing machinery as an essential step in lymphomagenesis. Nature, Vol.523 (7558), pp. 96-100.  show abstract

Koh, C.M. Bezzi, M. Guccione, E. (2015). The Where and the How of PRMT5. Current molecular biology reports, Vol.1 (1), pp. 19-28.

Qiu, B. Shi, X. Wong, E.T. Lim, J. Bezzi, M. Low, D. Zhou, Q. Akıncılar, S.C. Lakshmanan, M. Swa, H.L. Tham, J.M. Gunaratne, J. Cheng, K.K. Hong, W. Lam, K.S. Ikawa, M. Guccione, E. Xu, A. Han, W. Tergaonkar, V. (2014). NUCKS is a positive transcriptional regulator of insulin signaling. Cell rep, Vol.7 (6), pp. 1876-1886.  show abstract

Bezzi, M. Teo, S.X. Muller, J. Mok, W.C. Sahu, S.K. Vardy, L.A. Bonday, Z.Q. Guccione, E. (2013). Regulation of constitutive and alternative splicing by PRMT5 reveals a role for Mdm4 pre-mRNA in sensing defects in the spliceosomal machinery. Genes dev, Vol.27 (17), pp. 1903-1916.  show abstract

Kumpf, S. Mihlan, M. Goginashvili, A. Grandl, G. Gehart, H. Godel, A. Schmidt, J. Müller, J. Bezzi, M. Ittner, A. Guccione, E. Wolfrum, C. Ricci, R. (2012). Hairless promotes PPARγ expression and is required for white adipogenesis. Embo rep, Vol.13 (11), pp. 1012-1020.  show abstract

Migliori, V. Müller, J. Phalke, S. Low, D. Bezzi, M. Mok, W.C. Sahu, S.K. Gunaratne, J. Capasso, P. Bassi, C. Cecatiello, V. De Marco, A. Blackstock, W. Kuznetsov, V. Amati, B. Mapelli, M. Guccione, E. (2012). Symmetric dimethylation of H3R2 is a newly identified histone mark that supports euchromatin maintenance. Nat struct mol biol, Vol.19 (2), pp. 136-144.  show abstract

Phalke, S. Mzoughi, S. Bezzi, M. Jennifer, N. Mok, W.C. Low, D.H. Thike, A.A. Kuznetsov, V.A. Tan, P.H. Voorhoeve, P.M. Guccione, E. (2012). p53-Independent regulation of p21Waf1/Cip1 expression and senescence by PRMT6. Nucleic acids res, Vol.40 (19), pp. 9534-9542.  show abstract

Migliori, V. Phalke, S. Bezzi, M. Guccione, E. (2010). Arginine/lysine-methyl/methyl switches: biochemical role of histone arginine methylation in transcriptional regulation. Epigenomics, Vol.2 (1), pp. 119-137.  show abstract

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