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Candito, A. Holbrey, R. Ribeiro, A. Dragan, A. Messiou, C. Tunariu, N. Blackledge, M.D. Koh, D.-. (2024). Deep learning assisted atlas-based delineation of the skeleton from Whole-Body Diffusion Weighted MRI in patients with malignant bone disease. Biomedical signal processing and control, Vol.92, pp. 106099-106099.

Donners, R. Candito, A. Blackledge, M. Rata, M. Messiou, C. Koh, D.-. Tunariu, N. (2023). Repeatability of quantitative individual lesion and total disease multiparametric whole-body MRI measurements in prostate cancer bone metastases. , Vol.96 (1151), p. 20230378.  show abstract

Kalantar, R. Curcean, S. Winfield, J.M. Lin, G. Messiou, C. Blackledge, M.D. Koh, D.-. (2023). Deep Learning Framework with Multi-Head Dilated Encoders for Enhanced Segmentation of Cervical Cancer on Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging. , Vol.13 (21), p. 3381.  show abstract

Kalantar, R. Hindocha, S. Hunter, B. Sharma, B. Khan, N. Koh, D.-. Ahmed, M. Aboagye, E.O. Lee, R.W. Blackledge, M.D. (2023). Non-contrast CT synthesis using patch-based cycle-consistent generative adversarial network (Cycle-GAN) for radiomics and deep learning in the era of COVID-19. , Vol.13 (1), p. 10568.  show abstract

Arthur, A. Johnston, E.W. Winfield, J.M. Blackledge, M.D. Jones, R.L. Huang, P.H. Messiou, C. (2022). Virtual Biopsy in Soft Tissue Sarcoma How Close Are We?. , Vol.12, p. 892620.  show abstract

Ingle, M. Blackledge, M. White, I. Wetscherek, A. Lalondrelle, S. Hafeez, S. Bhide, S. (2022). Quantitative analysis of diffusion weighted imaging in rectal cancer during radiotherapy using a magnetic resonance imaging integrated linear accelerator. , Vol.23, pp. 32-37.  show abstract

Zormpas-Petridis, K. Tunariu, N. Collins, D.J. Messiou, C. Koh, D.-. Blackledge, M.D. (2022). Deep-learned estimation of uncertainty in measurements of apparent diffusion coefficient from whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI. , Vol.149, p. 106091.  show abstract

Hunter, B. Chen, M. Ratnakumar, P. Alemu, E. Logan, A. Linton-Reid, K. Tong, D. Senthivel, N. Bhamani, A. Bloch, S. Kemp, S.V. Boddy, L. Jain, S. Gareeboo, S. Rawal, B. Doran, S. Navani, N. Nair, A. Bunce, C. Kaye, S. Blackledge, M. Aboagye, E.O. Devaraj, A. Lee, R.W. (2022). A radiomics-based decision support tool improves lung cancer diagnosis in combination with the Herder score in large lung nodules. , Vol.86, p. 104344.  show abstract

Hindocha, S. Charlton, T.G. Linton-Reid, K. Hunter, B. Chan, C. Ahmed, M. Robinson, E.J. Orton, M. Ahmad, S. McDonald, F. Locke, I. Power, D. Blackledge, M. Lee, R.W. Aboagye, E.O. (2022). A comparison of machine learning methods for predicting recurrence and death after curative-intent radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer: Development and validation of multivariable clinical prediction models. Ebiomedicine, Vol.77, pp. 103911-?.  show abstract

Thrussell, I. Winfield, J.M. Orton, M.R. Miah, A.B. Zaidi, S.H. Arthur, A. Thway, K. Strauss, D.C. Collins, D.J. Koh, D.-. Oelfke, U. Huang, P.H. O'Connor, J.P. Messiou, C. Blackledge, M.D. (2022). Radiomic Features From Diffusion-Weighted MRI of Retroperitoneal Soft-Tissue Sarcomas Are Repeatable and Exhibit Change After Radiotherapy. , Vol.12, p. 899180.  show abstract

Donners, R. Fotiadis, N. Figueiredo, I. Blackledge, M. Westaby, D. Guo, C. Fenor de la Maza, M.D. Koh, D.-. Tunariu, N. (2022). Optimising CT-guided biopsies of sclerotic bone lesions in cancer patients. , Vol.32 (10), pp. 6820-6829.  show abstract

Hindocha, S. Charlton, T.G. Linton-Reid, K. Hunter, B. Chan, C. Ahmed, M. Greenlay, E.J. Orton, M. Bunce, C. Lunn, J. Doran, S.J. Ahmad, S. McDonald, F. Locke, I. Power, D. Blackledge, M. Lee, R.W. Aboagye, E.O. (2022). Gross tumour volume radiomics for prognostication of recurrence & death following radical radiotherapy for NSCLC. , Vol.6 (1), p. 77.  show abstract

Rata, M. Blackledge, M. Scurr, E. Winfield, J. Koh, D.-. Dragan, A. Candito, A. King, A. Rennie, W. Gaba, S. Suresh, P. Malcolm, P. Davis, A. Nilak, A. Shah, A. Gandhi, S. Albrizio, M. Drury, A. Roberts, S. Jenner, M. Brown, S. Kaiser, M. Messiou, C. (2022). Implementation of Whole-Body MRI (MY-RADS) within the OPTIMUM/MUKnine multi-centre clinical trial for patients with myeloma. , Vol.13 (1), p. 123.  show abstract

Knill, A.K. Blackledge, M.D. Curcean, A. Larkin, J. Turajlic, S. Riddell, A. Koh, D.M. Messiou, C. Winfield, J.M. (2022). Optimisation of b-values for the accurate estimation of the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) in whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI in patients with metastatic melanoma. , .  show abstract

Donners, R. Figueiredo, I. Tunariu, N. Blackledge, M. Koh, D.-. de la Maza, M.D. Chandran, K. de Bono, J.S. Fotiadis, N. (2022). Multiparametric bone MRI can improve CT-guided bone biopsy target selection in cancer patients and increase diagnostic yield and feasibility of next-generation tumour sequencing. European radiology, .  show abstract

Barwick, T. Orton, M. Koh, D.M. Kaiser, M. Rockall, A. Tunariu, N. Blackledge, M. Messiou, C. (2021). Repeatability and reproducibility of apparent diffusion coefficient and fat fraction measurement of focal myeloma lesions on whole body magnetic resonance imaging. The british journal of radiology, Vol.94 (1120), pp. 20200682-?.  show abstract

Zormpas-Petridis, K. Tunariu, N. Curcean, A. Messiou, C. Curcean, S. Collins, D.J. Hughes, J.C. Jamin, Y. Koh, D.-. Blackledge, M.D. (2021). Accelerating Whole-Body Diffusion-weighted MRI with Deep Learning-based Denoising Image Filters. Radiology. artificial intelligence, Vol.3 (5), pp. e200279-?.  show abstract

Messiou, C. Porta, N. Sharma, B. Levine, D. Koh, D.-. Boyd, K. Pawlyn, C. Riddell, A. Downey, K. Croft, J. Morgan, V. Stern, S. Cheung, B. Kyriakou, C. Kaczmarek, P. Winfield, J. Blackledge, M. Oyen, W.J. Kaiser, M.F. (2021). Prospective Evaluation of Whole-Body MRI versus FDG PET/CT for Lesion Detection in Participants with Myeloma. , Vol.3 (5), p. e210048.  show abstract

Winfield, J.M. Blackledge, M.D. Tunariu, N. Koh, D.-. Messiou, C. (2021). Whole-body MRI: a practical guide for imaging patients with malignant bone disease. Clinical radiology, .  show abstract

Donners, R. Yiin, R.S. Koh, D.-. De Paepe, K. Chau, I. Chua, S. Blackledge, M.D. (2021). Whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI in lymphoma-comparison of global apparent diffusion coefficient histogram parameters for differentiation of diseased nodes of lymphoma patients from normal lymph nodes of healthy individuals. Quantitative imaging in medicine and surgery, Vol.11 (8), pp. 3549-3561.  show abstract

Hijab, A. Curcean, S. Tunariu, N. Tovey, H. Alonzi, R. Staffurth, J. Blackledge, M. Padhani, A. Tree, A. Stidwill, H. Finch, J. Chatfield, P. Perry, S. Mu Koh, D. Hall, E. Parker, C. (2021). Fracture Risk in Men with Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treated With Radium-223. Clinical genitourinary cancer, .  show abstract

Shur, J. Blackledge, M. D'Arcy, J. Collins, D.J. Bali, M. O'Leach, M. Koh, D.-. (2021). MRI texture feature repeatability and image acquisition factor robustness, a phantom study and in silico study. European radiology experimental, Vol.5 (1), pp. 2-?.  show abstract

Kalantar, R. Lin, G. Winfield, J.M. Messiou, C. Lalondrelle, S. Blackledge, M.D. Koh, D.-. (2021). Automatic Segmentation of Pelvic Cancers Using Deep Learning: State-of-the-Art Approaches and Challenges. Diagnostics (basel, switzerland), Vol.11 (11).  show abstract

Donners, R. Yiin, R.S. Blackledge, M. Koh, D.-. (2021). Whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI of normal lymph nodes: prospective apparent diffusion coefficient histogram and nodal distribution analysis in a healthy cohort. Cancer imaging : the official publication of the international cancer imaging society, Vol.21 (1), pp. 64-?.  show abstract

Kalantar, R. Messiou, C. Winfield, J.M. Renn, A. Latifoltojar, A. Downey, K. Sohaib, A. Lalondrelle, S. Koh, D.-. Blackledge, M.D. (2021). CT-Based Pelvic T1-Weighted MR Image Synthesis Using UNet, UNet++ and Cycle-Consistent Generative Adversarial Network (Cycle-GAN). Frontiers in oncology, Vol.11, pp. 665807-?.  show abstract

Tunariu, N. Blackledge, M. Messiou, C. Petralia, G. Padhani, A. Curcean, S. Curcean, A. Koh, D.-. (2020). What's New for Clinical Whole-body MRI (WB-MRI) in the 21st Century. The british journal of radiology, Vol.93 (1115), pp. 20200562-?.  show abstract

Blackledge, M.D. Tunariu, N. Zungi, F. Holbrey, R. Orton, M.R. Ribeiro, A. Hughes, J.C. Scurr, E.D. Collins, D.J. Leach, M.O. Koh, D.-. (2020). Noise-Corrected, Exponentially Weighted, Diffusion-Weighted MRI (niceDWI) Improves Image Signal Uniformity in Whole-Body Imaging of Metastatic Prostate Cancer. Frontiers in oncology, Vol.10, pp. 704-?.  show abstract

Croft, J. Riddell, A. Koh, D.-. Downey, K. Blackledge, M. Usher, M. Boyd, K. Kaiser, M. Messiou, C. (2020). Inter-observer agreement of baseline whole body MRI in multiple myeloma. Cancer imaging : the official publication of the international cancer imaging society, Vol.20 (1), pp. 48-?.  show abstract

Zormpas-Petridis, K. Poon, E. Clarke, M. Jerome, N.P. Boult, J.K. Blackledge, M.D. Carceller, F. Koers, A. Barone, G. Pearson, A.D. Moreno, L. Anderson, J. Sebire, N. McHugh, K. Koh, D.-. Chesler, L. Yuan, Y. Robinson, S.P. Jamin, Y. (2020). Noninvasive MRI Native T1 Mapping Detects Response to MYCN-targeted Therapies in the Th-MYCN Model of Neuroblastoma. Cancer research, Vol.80 (16), pp. 3424-3435.  show abstract

Messiou, C. Hillengass, J. Delorme, S. Lecouvet, F.E. Moulopoulos, L.A. Collins, D.J. Blackledge, M.D. Abildgaard, N. Østergaard, B. Schlemmer, H.-. Landgren, O. Asmussen, J.T. Kaiser, M.F. Padhani, A. (2019). Guidelines for Acquisition, Interpretation, and Reporting of Whole-Body MRI in Myeloma: Myeloma Response Assessment and Diagnosis System (MY-RADS). Radiology, Vol.291 (1), pp. 5-13.  show abstract

Zormpas-Petridis, K. Jerome, N.P. Blackledge, M.D. Carceller, F. Poon, E. Clarke, M. McErlean, C.M. Barone, G. Koers, A. Vaidya, S.J. Marshall, L.V. Pearson, A.D. Moreno, L. Anderson, J. Sebire, N. McHugh, K. Koh, D.-. Yuan, Y. Chesler, L. Robinson, S.P. Jamin, Y. (2019). MRI Imaging of the Hemodynamic Vasculature of Neuroblastoma Predicts Response to Antiangiogenic Treatment. Cancer research, Vol.79 (11), pp. 2978-2991.  show abstract

Blackledge, M.D. Winfield, J.M. Miah, A. Strauss, D. Thway, K. Morgan, V.A. Collins, D.J. Koh, D.-. Leach, M.O. Messiou, C. (2019). Supervised Machine-Learning Enables Segmentation and Evaluation of Heterogeneous Post-treatment Changes in Multi-Parametric MRI of Soft-Tissue Sarcoma. Frontiers in oncology, Vol.9, pp. 941-?.  show abstract

Barnes, A. Alonzi, R. Blackledge, M. Charles-Edwards, G. Collins, D.J. Cook, G. Coutts, G. Goh, V. Graves, M. Kelly, C. Koh, D.-. McCallum, H. Miquel, M.E. O'Connor, J. Padhani, A. Pearson, R. Priest, A. Rockall, A. Stirling, J. Taylor, S. Tunariu, N. van der Meulen, J. Walls, D. Winfield, J. Punwani, S. (2018). UK quantitative WB-DWI technical workgroup: consensus meeting recommendations on optimisation, quality control, processing and analysis of quantitative whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging for cancer. The british journal of radiology, Vol.91 (1081), pp. 20170577-?.  show abstract

Winfield, J.M. Poillucci, G. Blackledge, M.D. Collins, D.J. Shah, V. Tunariu, N. Kaiser, M.F. Messiou, C. (2018). Apparent diffusion coefficient of vertebral haemangiomas allows differentiation from malignant focal deposits in whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI. European radiology, Vol.28 (4), pp. 1687-1691.  show abstract

Donners, R. Blackledge, M. Tunariu, N. Messiou, C. Merkle, E.M. Koh, D.-. (2018). Quantitative Whole-Body Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging. Magnetic resonance imaging clinics of north america, Vol.26 (4), pp. 479-494.

Perez-Lopez, R. Mateo, J. Mossop, H. Blackledge, M.D. Collins, D.J. Rata, M. Morgan, V.A. Macdonald, A. Sandhu, S. Lorente, D. Rescigno, P. Zafeiriou, Z. Bianchini, D. Porta, N. Hall, E. Leach, M.O. de Bono, J.S. Koh, D.-. Tunariu, N. (2017). Diffusion-weighted Imaging as a Treatment Response Biomarker for Evaluating Bone Metastases in Prostate Cancer: A Pilot Study. Radiology, Vol.283 (1), pp. 168-177.  show abstract

Winfield, J.M. Tunariu, N. Rata, M. Miyazaki, K. Jerome, N.P. Germuska, M. Blackledge, M.D. Collins, D.J. de Bono, J.S. Yap, T.A. deSouza, N.M. Doran, S.J. Koh, D.-. Leach, M.O. Messiou, C. Orton, M.R. (2017). Extracranial Soft-Tissue Tumors: Repeatability of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Estimates from Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging. Radiology, Vol.284 (1), pp. 88-99.  show abstract

Weller, A. Papoutsaki, M.V. Waterton, J.C. Chiti, A. Stroobants, S. Kuijer, J. Blackledge, M. Morgan, V. deSouza, N.M. (2017). Diffusion-weighted (DW) MRI in lung cancers: ADC test-retest repeatability. European radiology, Vol.27 (11), pp. 4552-4562.  show abstract

Morone, M. Bali, M.A. Tunariu, N. Messiou, C. Blackledge, M. Grazioli, L. Koh, D.-. (2017). Whole-Body MRI: Current Applications in Oncology. Ajr. american journal of roentgenology, Vol.209 (6), pp. W336-W349.  show abstract

Hill, D.K. Heindl, A. Zormpas-Petridis, K. Collins, D.J. Euceda, L.R. Rodrigues, D.N. Moestue, S.A. Jamin, Y. Koh, D.-. Yuan, Y. Bathen, T.F. Leach, M.O. Blackledge, M.D. (2017). Non-Invasive Prostate Cancer Characterization with Diffusion-Weighted MRI: Insight from In silico Studies of a Transgenic Mouse Model. Frontiers in oncology, Vol.7, pp. 290-?.  show abstract

Perez-Lopez, R. Lorente, D. Blackledge, M.D. Collins, D.J. Mateo, J. Bianchini, D. Omlin, A. Zivi, A. Leach, M.O. de Bono, J.S. Koh, D.-. Tunariu, N. (2016). Volume of Bone Metastasis Assessed with Whole-Body Diffusion-weighted Imaging Is Associated with Overall Survival in Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer. Radiology, Vol.280 (1), pp. 151-160.  show abstract

Cheng, L. Blackledge, M.D. Collins, D.J. Orton, M.R. Jerome, N.P. Feiweier, T. Rata, M. Morgan, V. Tunariu, N. Leach, M.O. Koh, D.-. (2016). T2-adjusted computed diffusion-weighted imaging: A novel method to enhance tumour visualisation. Computers in biology and medicine, Vol.79, pp. 92-98.  show abstract

Blackledge, M.D. Collins, D.J. Koh, D.-. Leach, M.O. (2016). Rapid development of image analysis research tools: Bridging the gap between researcher and clinician with pyOsiriX. Computers in biology and medicine, Vol.69, pp. 203-212.

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Blackledge, M.D. Tunariu, N. Orton, M.R. Padhani, A.R. Collins, D.J. Leach, M.O. Koh, D.-. (2016). Inter- and Intra-Observer Repeatability of Quantitative Whole-Body, Diffusion-Weighted Imaging (WBDWI) in Metastatic Bone Disease. Plos one, Vol.11 (4), pp. e0153840-?.  show abstract

Cheng, L. Tunariu, N. Collins, D.J. Blackledge, M.D. Riddell, A.M. Leach, M.O. Popat, S. Koh, D.-. (2015). Response evaluation in mesothelioma: Beyond RECIST. Lung cancer, Vol.90 (3), pp. 433-441.

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Candito, A. Holbrey, R. Ribeiro, A. Messiou, C. Tunariu, N. Koh, D.-. Blackledge, M.D. Deep Learning for Delineation of the Spinal Canal in Whole-Body Diffusion-Weighted Imaging: Normalising Inter- and Intra-Patient Intensity Signal in Multi-Centre Datasets. Bioengineering, Vol.11 (2), pp. 130-130.  show abstract

Book Chapters

Mun, T.S. Doran, S. Huang, P. Messiou, C. Blackledge, M. (2022). Multi Modal Fusion for Radiogenomics Classification of Brain Tumor. Brainlesion: Glioma, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injuries. (pp. 344-355). Springer International Publishing, ISBN: 9783031089985.

Zormpas-Petridis, K. Failmezger, H. Roxanis, I. Blackledge, M. Jamin, Y. Yuan, Y. (2018). Capturing Global Spatial Context for Accurate Cell Classification in Skin Cancer Histology. In Stoyanov, D.Taylor, Z.Ciompi, F.Xu, Y. (Eds.), . (pp. 52-60 (9)). SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG.


Mason, S.Wang, L.Zormpas-Petridis, K.Blackledge, M.Lalondrelle, S.Mcnair, H.Harris, E. (2022). Leveraging the Elliptical Shape of the Uterocervix On Semi-Axial Cross-Sections for Improved Deep-Learning Segmentation On Cone-Beam CT, MEDICAL PHYSICS, Vol.49 (6), pp.E147-1.

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