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Almagro, J. Messal, H.A. Elosegui-Artola, A. van Rheenen, J. Behrens, A. (2022). Tissue architecture in tumor initiation and progression. Trends cancer, Vol.8 (6), pp. 494-505.  show abstract  full text

Lan, L. Evan, T. Li, H. Hussain, A. Ruiz, E.J. Zaw Thin, M. Ferreira, R.M. Ps, H. Riising, E.M. Zen, Y. Almagro, J. Ng, K.W. Soro-Barrio, P. Nelson, J. Koifman, G. Carvalho, J. Nye, E.L. He, Y. Zhang, C. Sadanandam, A. Behrens, A. (2022). GREM1 is required to maintain cellular heterogeneity in pancreatic cancer. Nature, Vol.607 (7917), pp. 163-168.  show abstract

Nelson, J.K. Thin, M.Z. Evan, T. Howell, S. Wu, M. Almeida, B. Legrave, N. Koenis, D.S. Koifman, G. Sugimoto, Y. Llorian Sopena, M. MacRae, J. Nye, E. Howell, M. Snijders, A.P. Prachalias, A. Zen, Y. Sarker, D. Behrens, A. (2022). USP25 promotes pathological HIF-1-driven metabolic reprogramming and is a potential therapeutic target in pancreatic cancer. Nat commun, Vol.13 (1), p. 2070.  show abstract  full text

Messal, H.A. Almagro, J. Zaw Thin, M. Tedeschi, A. Ciccarelli, A. Blackie, L. Anderson, K.I. Miguel-Aliaga, I. van Rheenen, J. Behrens, A. (2021). Antigen retrieval and clearing for whole-organ immunofluorescence by FLASH. Nat protoc, Vol.16 (1), pp. 239-262.  show abstract  full text

Gribben, C. Lambert, C. Messal, H.A. Hubber, E.-. Rackham, C. Evans, I. Heimberg, H. Jones, P. Sancho, R. Behrens, A. (2021). Ductal Ngn3-expressing progenitors contribute to adult β cell neogenesis in the pancreas. Cell stem cell, Vol.28 (11), pp. 2000-2008.e4.  show abstract  full text

Khan, O.M. Almagro, J. Nelson, J.K. Horswell, S. Encheva, V. Keyan, K.S. Clurman, B.E. Snijders, A.P. Behrens, A. (2021). Proteasomal degradation of the tumour suppressor FBW7 requires branched ubiquitylation by TRIP12. Nat commun, Vol.12 (1), p. 2043.  show abstract  full text

Ruiz, E.J. Lan, L. Diefenbacher, M.E. Riising, E.M. Da Costa, C. Chakraborty, A. Hoeck, J.D. Spencer-Dene, B. Kelly, G. David, J.-. Nye, E. Downward, J. Behrens, A. (2021). JunD, not c-Jun, is the AP-1 transcription factor required for Ras-induced lung cancer. Jci insight, Vol.6 (13).  show abstract  full text

Almagro, J. Messal, H.A. Zaw Thin, M. van Rheenen, J. Behrens, A. (2021). Tissue clearing to examine tumour complexity in three dimensions. Nat rev cancer, Vol.21 (11), pp. 718-730.  show abstract

Ruiz, E.J. Pinto-Fernandez, A. Turnbull, A.P. Lan, L. Charlton, T.M. Scott, H.C. Damianou, A. Vere, G. Riising, E.M. Da Costa, C. Krajewski, W.W. Guerin, D. Kearns, J.D. Ioannidis, S. Katz, M. McKinnon, C. O'Connell, J. Moncaut, N. Rosewell, I. Nye, E. Jones, N. Heride, C. Gersch, M. Wu, M. Dinsmore, C.J. Hammonds, T.R. Kim, S. Komander, D. Urbe, S. Clague, M.J. Kessler, B.M. Behrens, A. (2021). USP28 deletion and small-molecule inhibition destabilizes c-MYC and elicits regression of squamous cell lung carcinoma. Elife, Vol.10.  show abstract  full text

Messal, H.A. Alt, S. Ferreira, R.M. Gribben, C. Wang, V.M. Cotoi, C.G. Salbreux, G. Behrens, A. (2019). Tissue curvature and apicobasal mechanical tension imbalance instruct cancer morphogenesis. Nature, Vol.566 (7742), pp. 126-130.  show abstract  full text

Ruiz, E.J. Diefenbacher, M.E. Nelson, J.K. Sancho, R. Pucci, F. Chakraborty, A. Moreno, P. Annibaldi, A. Liccardi, G. Encheva, V. Mitter, R. Rosenfeldt, M. Snijders, A.P. Meier, P. Calzado, M.A. Behrens, A. (2019). LUBAC determines chemotherapy resistance in squamous cell lung cancer. J exp med, Vol.216 (2), pp. 450-465.  show abstract  full text

Wang, V.M. Ferreira, R.M. Almagro, J. Evan, T. Legrave, N. Zaw Thin, M. Frith, D. Carvalho, J. Barry, D.J. Snijders, A.P. Herbert, E. Nye, E.L. MacRae, J.I. Behrens, A. (2019). CD9 identifies pancreatic cancer stem cells and modulates glutamine metabolism to fuel tumour growth. Nat cell biol, Vol.21 (11), pp. 1425-1435.  show abstract  full text

Foster, H. Ruiz, E.J. Moore, C. Stamp, G.W. Nye, E.L. Li, N. Pan, Y. He, Y. Downward, J. Behrens, A. (2019). ATMIN Is a Tumor Suppressor Gene in Lung Adenocarcinoma. Cancer res, Vol.79 (20), pp. 5159-5166.  show abstract  full text

Khan, O.M. Carvalho, J. Spencer-Dene, B. Mitter, R. Frith, D. Snijders, A.P. Wood, S.A. Behrens, A. (2018). The deubiquitinase USP9X regulates FBW7 stability and suppresses colorectal cancer. J clin invest, Vol.128 (4), pp. 1326-1337.  show abstract  full text

Ferreira, R.M. Sancho, R. Messal, H.A. Nye, E. Spencer-Dene, B. Stone, R.K. Stamp, G. Rosewell, I. Quaglia, A. Behrens, A. (2017). Duct- and Acinar-Derived Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinomas Show Distinct Tumor Progression and Marker Expression. Cell rep, Vol.21 (4), pp. 966-978.  show abstract

Cremona, C.A. Sancho, R. Diefenbacher, M.E. Behrens, A. (2016). Fbw7 and its counteracting forces in stem cells and cancer: Oncoproteins in the balance. Semin cancer biol, Vol.36, pp. 52-61.  show abstract

Gruber, R. Panayiotou, R. Nye, E. Spencer-Dene, B. Stamp, G. Behrens, A. (2016). YAP1 and TAZ Control Pancreatic Cancer Initiation in Mice by Direct Up-regulation of JAK-STAT3 Signaling. Gastroenterology, Vol.151 (3), pp. 526-539.  show abstract

Blaas, L. Pucci, F. Messal, H.A. Andersson, A.B. Josue Ruiz, E. Gerling, M. Douagi, I. Spencer-Dene, B. Musch, A. Mitter, R. Bhaw, L. Stone, R. Bornhorst, D. Sesay, A.K. Jonkers, J. Stamp, G. Malanchi, I. Toftgård, R. Behrens, A. (2016). Lgr6 labels a rare population of mammary gland progenitor cells that are able to originate luminal mammary tumours. Nat cell biol, Vol.18 (12), pp. 1346-1356.  show abstract  full text

Blake, S.M. Stricker, S.H. Halavach, H. Poetsch, A.R. Cresswell, G. Kelly, G. Kanu, N. Marino, S. Luscombe, N.M. Pollard, S.M. Behrens, A. (2016). Inactivation of the ATMIN/ATM pathway protects against glioblastoma formation. Elife, Vol.5.  show abstract  full text

Anjos-Afonso, F. Loizou, J.I. Bradburn, A. Kanu, N. Purewal, S. Da Costa, C. Bonnet, D. Behrens, A. (2016). Perturbed hematopoiesis in mice lacking ATMIN. Blood, Vol.128 (16), pp. 2017-2021.  show abstract

Kanu, N. Zhang, T. Burrell, R.A. Chakraborty, A. Cronshaw, J. DaCosta, C. Grönroos, E. Pemberton, H.N. Anderton, E. Gonzalez, L. Sabbioneda, S. Ulrich, H.D. Swanton, C. Behrens, A. (2016). RAD18, WRNIP1 and ATMIN promote ATM signalling in response to replication stress. Oncogene, Vol.35 (30), pp. 4009-4019.  show abstract

Diefenbacher, M.E. Chakraborty, A. Blake, S.M. Mitter, R. Popov, N. Eilers, M. Behrens, A. (2015). Usp28 counteracts Fbw7 in intestinal homeostasis and cancer. Cancer res, Vol.75 (7), pp. 1181-1186.  show abstract

Sancho, R. Cremona, C.A. Behrens, A. (2015). Stem cell and progenitor fate in the mammalian intestine: Notch and lateral inhibition in homeostasis and disease. Embo rep, Vol.16 (5), pp. 571-581.  show abstract  full text

Chakraborty, A. Diefenbacher, M.E. Mylona, A. Kassel, O. Behrens, A. (2015). The E3 ubiquitin ligase Trim7 mediates c-Jun/AP-1 activation by Ras signalling. Nat commun, Vol.6, p. 6782.  show abstract

Behrens, A. van Deursen, J.M. Rudolph, K.L. Schumacher, B. (2014). Impact of genomic damage and ageing on stem cell function. Nat cell biol, Vol.16 (3), pp. 201-207.  show abstract  full text

Sancho, R. Gruber, R. Gu, G. Behrens, A. (2014). Loss of Fbw7 reprograms adult pancreatic ductal cells into α, δ, and β cells. Cell stem cell, Vol.15 (2), pp. 139-153.  show abstract

Diefenbacher, M.E. Popov, N. Blake, S.M. Schülein-Völk, C. Nye, E. Spencer-Dene, B. Jaenicke, L.A. Eilers, M. Behrens, A. (2014). The deubiquitinase USP28 controls intestinal homeostasis and promotes colorectal cancer. J clin invest, Vol.124 (8), pp. 3407-3418.  show abstract

Zhang, T. Cronshaw, J. Kanu, N. Snijders, A.P. Behrens, A. (2014). UBR5-mediated ubiquitination of ATMIN is required for ionizing radiation-induced ATM signaling and function. Proc natl acad sci u s a, Vol.111 (33), pp. 12091-12096.  show abstract

Penicud, K. Behrens, A. (2014). DMAP1 is an essential regulator of ATM activity and function. Oncogene, Vol.33 (4), pp. 525-531.  show abstract

Davies, C.C. Chakraborty, A. Diefenbacher, M.E. Skehel, M. Behrens, A. (2013). Arginine methylation of the c-Jun coactivator RACO-1 is required for c-Jun/AP-1 activation. Embo j, Vol.32 (11), pp. 1556-1567.  show abstract

Sancho, R. Blake, S.M. Tendeng, C. Clurman, B.E. Lewis, J. Behrens, A. (2013). Fbw7 repression by hes5 creates a feedback loop that modulates Notch-mediated intestinal and neural stem cell fate decisions. Plos biol, Vol.11 (6), p. e1001586.  show abstract

Fontana, X. Hristova, M. Da Costa, C. Patodia, S. Thei, L. Makwana, M. Spencer-Dene, B. Latouche, M. Mirsky, R. Jessen, K.R. Klein, R. Raivich, G. Behrens, A. (2012). c-Jun in Schwann cells promotes axonal regeneration and motoneuron survival via paracrine signaling. J cell biol, Vol.198 (1), pp. 127-141.  show abstract

Zhang, T. Penicud, K. Bruhn, C. Loizou, J.I. Kanu, N. Wang, Z.-. Behrens, A. (2012). Competition between NBS1 and ATMIN controls ATM signaling pathway choice. Cell rep, Vol.2 (6), pp. 1498-1504.  show abstract

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Aguilera, C. Nakagawa, K. Sancho, R. Chakraborty, A. Hendrich, B. Behrens, A. (2011). c-Jun N-terminal phosphorylation antagonises recruitment of the Mbd3/NuRD repressor complex. Nature, Vol.469 (7329), pp. 231-235.  show abstract

Loizou, J.I. Sancho, R. Kanu, N. Bolland, D.J. Yang, F. Rada, C. Corcoran, A.E. Behrens, A. (2011). ATMIN is required for maintenance of genomic stability and suppression of B cell lymphoma. Cancer cell, Vol.19 (5), pp. 587-600.  show abstract

Kanu, N. Penicud, K. Hristova, M. Wong, B. Irvine, E. Plattner, F. Raivich, G. Behrens, A. (2010). The ATM cofactor ATMIN protects against oxidative stress and accumulation of DNA damage in the aging brain. J biol chem, Vol.285 (49), pp. 38534-38542.  show abstract

Da Costa, C.R. Villadiego, J. Sancho, R. Fontana, X. Packham, G. Nateri, A.S. Behrens, A. (2010). Bag1-L is a phosphorylation-dependent coactivator of c-Jun during neuronal apoptosis. Mol cell biol, Vol.30 (15), pp. 3842-3852.  show abstract  full text

Sancho, R. Jandke, A. Davis, H. Diefenbacher, M.E. Tomlinson, I. Behrens, A. (2010). F-box and WD repeat domain-containing 7 regulates intestinal cell lineage commitment and is a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor. Gastroenterology, Vol.139 (3), pp. 929-941.  show abstract

Davies, C.C. Chakraborty, A. Cipriani, F. Haigh, K. Haigh, J.J. Behrens, A. (2010). Identification of a co-activator that links growth factor signalling to c-Jun/AP-1 activation. Nat cell biol, Vol.12 (10), pp. 963-972.  show abstract

Hoeck, J.D. Jandke, A. Blake, S.M. Nye, E. Spencer-Dene, B. Brandner, S. Behrens, A. (2010). Fbw7 controls neural stem cell differentiation and progenitor apoptosis via Notch and c-Jun. Nat neurosci, Vol.13 (11), pp. 1365-1372.  show abstract

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