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PhD Molecular Genetics, University of London.

BSc(Hons)Biology, Southampton University.

Awards, Prizes or Honours

Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, The Royal College of Pathologists, 2017.

Editorial Boards

PLoS ONE, 2011.

External Committees

EpSSG Biological Committee, Chair, European Soft Tissue Sarcoma Study Group (EpSSG), 2013.

National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI), Young Onset Sarcoma Subgroup (YOSS), Biological studies representative, National Cancer Research Network, 2010.

ITCC Biology Committee, Member, Innovative Therapies for Childhood Cancer (ITCC) in Europe, 2015.

CCLG Sarcoma Special Interest Group, Member, Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG), 2010.

Research Advisory Committee Sarcoma UK, Member, Sarcoma UK, 2011.

FRCPath, Member, Royal College of Pathologists, 2017.

. Member, American Association of Cancer Research, 2017.

External Advisory Committee, Member, Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute, 2015.

Research Advisory Board, Member, Focus on Rhabdo, 2014.

Clinical Studies Rhabdomyosarcoma Subgroup, Member, National Cancer Research Institute, 2010-2012.

. Member, International Society of Paediatric Oncology, 2013.

Testis Clinical Studies Group, Member, The National Cancer Research Institute, 2007-2012.

Biology, Member, Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer, 2003-2010.

Biological Studies Working Group, Member, Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group, 2001-2009.

Soft Tissue Sarcoma Working Group, Member, Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group, 2008-2010.

Southern Prostate Cancer Collaborative, Member, The National Cancer Research Institute, 2002-2007.

COST B19 EU Working Group on Menenchymal Tumours, Member, European Cooperation in Science & Technology, 2000-2016.

. Member, Biology Steering Committee, 2016.

External Advisory Board Member for BRIO, . Bordeaux Recherche Intégrée Oncologie (BRIO), 2018.

Member of External Advisory Committee, . Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio, 2016.

Biology Panel Member of INSTRUCT, . INSTRuCT (International Soft Tissue Sarcoma Consortium), 2018.

Membership, . AACR (American Association of Cancer Research), 2017.

Biology Member of INFORM2 Steering Committee, . Steering Committee for INFORM2 German clinical trial series, 2016-2018.