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Awards, Prizes or Honours

Awarded Visiting Professor Of Clincal Trials, University of Oxford, 2018.

NIHR Senior Investigator Award, , 2017.

NIHR Senior Investigator Award, , 2021.

External Committees

Clinical Studies Group Chairs Forum, Clinical Trial Units Representative, National Cancer Research Institute, 2006-2019.

National Scientific Advisory Committee, Member, Clinical Trials & Research Unit (Leeds), 2006-present.

EBCTCG Steering Committee, Member, Early Breast Cancer Trialists Collaborative Group, 2005-present.

Breast Clinical Studies Group, Member, National Cancer Research Institute, 2003-2017, 2019 --present.

Directors of Registered Clinical Trials Units, Member, UK Clinical Research Collaboration, 2007-present.

Research Advisory Panel (funding committee), Member, Yorkshire Cancer Research, 2013-2020.

NIHR College of Senior Investigators, Member, National Institute of Health Research, 2017-present.

Cancer CTU Group, Chair (2015-2019), National Cancer Research Institute, 2014-present.

Registered CTU Network - Executive Group, Member, UK Clinical Research Collaboration, 2014-present.

BMBF funding programme for practice-changing clinical cancer studies, Grant Reviewer - statistics & trials methodology expert, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany, 2019-2021.

Advanced Fellowship Panel, Grant (peer) Reviewing, National Institute of Health Research, 2019-present.

ICR-CTSU (from 2002), NCRI-BCSG & ICCG Group representative, Member, Breast International Group (BIG), 1997-present.

Health Research Board, Panel Member - Definitive Interventions, Health Research Board (HRB) Ireland, 2015-2018.

Executive Board, Member, Breast International Group (BIG) Executive Board, 2017-present.

UK Breast Intergroup, (Vice-Chair 2010-12; elected Chair 2012), UK Breast Intergroup, 2007-present.

Clinical Therapy Research Panel, Member, Swedish Research Council, 2020-present.

Urgent Public Health Group, Member, National Institute of Health Research, 2020-2021.