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Day, M. Oliver, A.W. Pearl, L.H. (2022). Structure of the human RAD17-RFC clamp loader and 9-1-1 checkpoint clamp bound to a dsDNA-ssDNA junction. , Vol.50 (14), pp. 8279-8289.  show abstract

Rivera-Calzada, A. Arribas-Bosacoma, R. Ruiz-Ramos, A. Escudero-Bravo, P. Boskovic, J. Fernandez-Leiro, R. Oliver, A.W. Pearl, L.H. Llorca, O. (2022). Structural basis for the inactivation of cytosolic DNA sensing by the vaccinia virus. , Vol.13 (1), p. 7062.  show abstract

Oberoi, J. Guiu, X.A. Outwin, E.A. Schellenberger, P. Roumeliotis, T.I. Choudhary, J.S. Pearl, L.H. (2022). HSP90-CDC37-PP5 forms a structural platform for kinase dephosphorylation. , Vol.13 (1), p. 7343.  show abstract

Chen, X. Ali, Y.I. Fisher, C.E. Arribas-Bosacoma, R. Rajasekaran, M.B. Williams, G. Walker, S. Booth, J.R. Hudson, J.J. Roe, S.M. Pearl, L.H. Ward, S.E. Pearl, F.M. Oliver, A.W. (2021). Uncovering an allosteric mode of action for a selective inhibitor of human Bloom syndrome protein. Elife, Vol.10.  show abstract

Day, M. Oliver, A.W. Pearl, L.H. (2021). Phosphorylation-dependent assembly of DNA damage response systems and the central roles of TOPBP1. Dna repair, Vol.108, pp. 103232-?.  show abstract

Darby, J.F. Vidler, L.R. Simpson, P.J. Al-Lazikani, B. Matthews, S.J. Sharp, S.Y. Pearl, L.H. Hoelder, S. Workman, P. (2020). Solution structure of the Hop TPR2A domain and investigation of target druggability by NMR, biochemical and in silico approaches. Scientific reports, Vol.10 (1), pp. 16000-?.  show abstract

Polo, L.M. Xu, Y. Hornyak, P. Garces, F. Zeng, Z. Hailstone, R. Matthews, S.J. Caldecott, K.W. Oliver, A.W. Pearl, L.H. (2019). Efficient Single-Strand Break Repair Requires Binding to Both Poly(ADP-Ribose) and DNA by the Central BRCT Domain of XRCC1. Cell reports, Vol.26 (3), pp. 573-581.e5.

Leimbacher, P.-. Jones, S.E. Shorrocks, A.-. de Marco Zompit, M. Day, M. Blaauwendraad, J. Bundschuh, D. Bonham, S. Fischer, R. Fink, D. Kessler, B.M. Oliver, A.W. Pearl, L.H. Blackford, A.N. Stucki, M. (2019). MDC1 Interacts with TOPBP1 to Maintain Chromosomal Stability during Mitosis. Molecular cell, Vol.74 (3), pp. 571-583.e8.  show abstract

Bigot, N. Day, M. Baldock, R.A. Watts, F.Z. Oliver, A.W. Pearl, L.H. (2019). Phosphorylation-mediated interactions with TOPBP1 couple 53BP1 and 9-1-1 to control the G1 DNA damage checkpoint. Elife, Vol.8.  show abstract

Day, M. Rappas, M. Ptasinska, K. Boos, D. Oliver, A.W. Pearl, L.H. (2018). BRCT domains of the DNA damage checkpoint proteins TOPBP1/Rad4 display distinct specificities for phosphopeptide ligands. Elife, Vol.7.  show abstract

Martino, F. Pal, M. Muñoz-Hernández, H. Rodríguez, C.F. Núñez-Ramírez, R. Gil-Carton, D. Degliesposti, G. Skehel, J.M. Roe, S.M. Prodromou, C. Pearl, L.H. Llorca, O. (2018). RPAP3 provides a flexible scaffold for coupling HSP90 to the human R2TP co-chaperone complex. Nature communications, Vol.9 (1), pp. 1501-?.  show abstract

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Smith, J.R. de Billy, E. Hobbs, S. Powers, M. Prodromou, C. Pearl, L. Clarke, P.A. Workman, P. (2015). Restricting direct interaction of CDC37 with HSP90 does not compromise chaperoning of client proteins. Oncogene, Vol.34 (1), pp. 15-26.  show abstract

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