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Dr Albert Antolin

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Journal Articles

Gray, B. Baruteau, A.-. Antolin, A.A. Pittman, A. Sarganas, G. Molokhia, M. Blom, M.T. Bastiaenen, R. Bardai, A. Priori, S.G. Napolitano, C. Weeke, P.E. Shakir, S.A. Haverkamp, W. Mestres, J. Winkel, B. Witney, A.A. Chis-Ster, I. Sangaralingam, A. Camm, A.J. Tfelt-Hansen, J. Roden, D.M. Tan, H.L. Garbe, E. Sturkenboom, M. Behr, E.R. (2022). Rare Variation in Drug Metabolism and Long QT Genes and the Genetic Susceptibility to Acquired Long QT Syndrome. Circ genom precis med, , pp. CIRCGEN121003391-?.  show abstract

Mitsopoulos, C. Di Micco, P. Fernandez, E.V. Dolciami, D. Holt, E. Mica, I.L. Coker, E.A. Tym, J.E. Campbell, J. Che, K.H. Ozer, B. Kannas, C. Antolin, A.A. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2021). canSAR: update to the cancer translational research and drug discovery knowledgebase. Nucleic acids research, Vol.49 (D1), pp. D1074-D1082.  show abstract

Antolin, A.A. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2021). Public resources for chemical probes: the journey so far and the road ahead. Future medicinal chemistry, Vol.13 (8), pp. 731-747.  show abstract

Antolin, A.A. Cascante, M. (2021). AI delivers Michaelis constants as fuel for genome-scale metabolic models. Plos biology, Vol.19 (10), pp. e3001415-?.  show abstract

Sandhu, D. Antolin, A.A. Cox, A.R. Jones, A.M. (2021). Identification of different side effects between PARP inhibitors and their polypharmacological multi-target rationale. British journal of clinical pharmacology, .  show abstract

Antolin, A.A. Ameratunga, M. Banerji, U. Clarke, P.A. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2020). The kinase polypharmacology landscape of clinical PARP inhibitors. Scientific reports, Vol.10 (1), pp. 2585-?.  show abstract

Coker, E.A. Mitsopoulos, C. Tym, J.E. Komianou, A. Kannas, C. Di Micco, P. Villasclaras Fernandez, E. Ozer, B. Antolin, A.A. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2019). canSAR: update to the cancer translational research and drug discovery knowledgebase. Nucleic acids research, Vol.47 (D1), pp. D917-D922.  show abstract

Antolin, A.A. Tym, J.E. Komianou, A. Collins, I. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2018). Objective, Quantitative, Data-Driven Assessment of Chemical Probes. Cell chemical biology, Vol.25 (2), pp. 194-205.e5.  show abstract

Antolín, A.A. Mestres, J. (2018). Dual Inhibitors of PARPs and ROCKs. Acs omega, Vol.3 (10), pp. 12707-12712.  show abstract

Tym, J.E. Mitsopoulos, C. Coker, E.A. Razaz, P. Schierz, A.C. Antolin, A.A. Al-Lazikani, B. (2016). canSAR: an updated cancer research and drug discovery knowledgebase. Nucleic acids research, Vol.44 (D1), pp. D938-D943.  show abstract

Antolin, A.A. Workman, P. Mestres, J. Al-Lazikani, B. (2016). Polypharmacology in Precision Oncology: Current Applications and Future Prospects. Current pharmaceutical design, Vol.22 (46), pp. 6935-6945.  show abstract

Rubio-Perez, C. Tamborero, D. Schroeder, M.P. Antolín, A.A. Deu-Pons, J. Perez-Llamas, C. Mestres, J. Gonzalez-Perez, A. Lopez-Bigas, N. (2015). In Silico Prescription of Anticancer Drugs to Cohorts of 28 Tumor Types Reveals Targeting Opportunities. Cancer cell, Vol.27 (3), pp. 382-396.

Antolín, A.A. Mestres, J. (2015). Distant Polypharmacology among MLP Chemical Probes. Acs chemical biology, Vol.10 (2), pp. 395-400.

Antolín, A.A. Mestres, J. (2014). Linking off-target kinase pharmacology to the differential cellular effects observed among PARP inhibitors. Oncotarget, Vol.5 (10), pp. 3023-3028.

Antolin, A.A. Carotti, A. Nuti, R. Hakkaya, A. Camaioni, E. Mestres, J. Pellicciari, R. Macchiarulo, A. (2013). Exploring the effect of PARP-1 flexibility in docking studies. Journal of molecular graphics and modelling, Vol.45, pp. 192-201.

Antolín, A.A. Jalencas, X. Yélamos, J. Mestres, J. (2012). Identification of Pim Kinases as Novel Targets for PJ34 with Confounding Effects in PARP Biology. Acs chemical biology, Vol.7 (12), pp. 1962-1967.

Book Chapters

Antolin, A.A. Mestres, J. (2014). The Impact of Distant Polypharmacology in the Chemical Biology of PARPs. In Waldmann, H.Janning, P. (Eds.), CONCEPTS AND CASE STUDIES IN CHEMICAL BIOLOGY. (pp. 309-13). WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBH, ISBN: 978-3-527-33611-1.

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