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Llorca-Cardenosa, M.J. Aronson, L.I. Krastev, D.B. Nieminuszczy, J. Alexander, J. Song, F. Dylewska, M. Broderick, R. Brough, R. Zimmermann, A. Zenke, F.T. Gurel, B. Riisnaes, R. Ferreira, A. Roumeliotis, T. Choudhary, J. Pettitt, S.J. de Bono, J. Cervantes, A. Haider, S. Niedzwiedz, W. Lord, C.J. Chong, I.Y. (2022). SMG8/SMG9 Heterodimer Loss Modulates SMG1 Kinase to Drive ATR Inhibitor Resistance. , Vol.82 (21), pp. 3962-3973.  show abstract

Turkes, F. Bryant, A. Begum, R. Davidson, M. Kalaitzaki, E. Aresu, M. Lazaro-Alcausi, R. Bryant, J. Rana, I. Chua, S. Aronson, L. Hulkki-Wilson, S. Fribbens, C. Watkins, D. Rao, S. Starling, N. Cunningham, D. Chong, I.Y. Chau, I. (2022). Ibrutinib in c-MYC and HER2 Amplified Oesophagogastric Carcinoma: Results of the Proof-of-Concept iMYC Study. Current oncology (toronto, ont.), Vol.29 (4), pp. 2174-2184.  show abstract

Chong, I.Y. Starling, N. Rust, A. Alexander, J. Aronson, L. Llorca-Cardenosa, M. Chauhan, R. Chaudry, A. Kumar, S. Fenwick, K. Assiotis, I. Matthews, N. Begum, R. Wotherspoon, A. Terlizzo, M. Watkins, D. Chau, I. Lord, C.J. Haider, S. Rao, S. Cunningham, D. (2021). The Mutational Concordance of Fixed Formalin Paraffin Embedded and Fresh Frozen Gastro-Oesophageal Tumours Using Whole Exome Sequencing. Journal of clinical medicine, Vol.10 (2).  show abstract

Brogden, D.R. Khoo, C.C. Kontovounisios, C. Pellino, G. Chong, I. Tait, D. Warren, O.J. Bower, M. Tekkis, P. Mills, S.C. (2021). Anal squamous cell carcinoma in a high HIV prevalence population. Discover oncology, Vol.12 (1), pp. ?-? (10).

Sachdeva, A. Gouge, J. Kontovounisios, C. Nikolaou, S. Ashworth, A. Lim, K. Chong, I. (2020). Klotho and the Treatment of Human Malignancies. Cancers, Vol.12 (6).  show abstract

Davidson, M. Aronson, L.I. Howard-Reeves, J. Bryant, H. Cutts, R.J. Hulkki-Wilson, S. Kouvelakis, K. Kalaitzaki, E. Watkins, D. Starling, N. Rao, S. Cardenosa, M.L. Begum, R. Rana, I. Lazaro-Alcausi, R. Terlizzo, M. Wotherspoon, A. Brown, G. Swansbury, J. Lord, C.J. Cunningham, D. Chau, I. Chong, I.Y. (2019). Clonal diversity of MYC amplification evaluated by fluorescent in situ hybridisation and digital droplet polymerase chain reaction in oesophagogastric cancer: Results from a prospective clinical trial screening programme. European journal of cancer (oxford, england : 1990), Vol.122, pp. 12-21.  show abstract

Lim, K. Halim, A. Lu, T.-. Ashworth, A. Chong, I. (2019). Klotho: A Major Shareholder in Vascular Aging Enterprises. International journal of molecular sciences, Vol.20 (18).  show abstract

Kühnl, A. Cunningham, D. Hutka, M. Peckitt, C. Rozati, H. Morano, F. Chong, I. Gillbanks, A. Wotherspoon, A. Harris, M. Murray, T. Chau, I. (2018). Rapid access clinic for unexplained lymphadenopathy and suspected malignancy: prospective analysis of 1000 patients. Bmc hematology, Vol.18, pp. 19-?.  show abstract

Bajrami, I. Marlow, R. van de Ven, M. Brough, R. Pemberton, H.N. Frankum, J. Song, F. Rafiq, R. Konde, A. Krastev, D.B. Menon, M. Campbell, J. Gulati, A. Kumar, R. Pettitt, S.J. Gurden, M.D. Cardenosa, M.L. Chong, I. Gazinska, P. Wallberg, F. Sawyer, E.J. Martin, L.-. Dowsett, M. Linardopoulos, S. Natrajan, R. Ryan, C.J. Derksen, P.W. Jonkers, J. Tutt, A.N. Ashworth, A. Lord, C.J. (2018). E-Cadherin/ROS1 Inhibitor Synthetic Lethality in Breast Cancer. Cancer discovery, Vol.8 (4), pp. 498-515.  show abstract

Balyasnikova, S. Vuong, T. Wale, A. Chong, I. Rutten, H. Brown, G. (2018). Session 3: Boosting primary and recurrent rectal cancer: how far can we push the radiotherapy envelope?. Colorectal disease, Vol.20, pp. 88-91.

Patel, A. Chang, G. Wale, A. Chong, I. Rutten, H. Nicholls, J. Hawkins, M. Steele, R.J. Marks, J. Brown, G. (2018). Session 3: Intra-operative radiotherapy - creating new surgical boundaries. Colorectal disease, Vol.20, pp. 65-75.

Chong, I.Y. Aronson, L. Bryant, H. Gulati, A. Campbell, J. Elliott, R. Pettitt, S. Wilkerson, P. Lambros, M.B. Reis-Filho, J.S. Ramessur, A. Davidson, M. Chau, I. Cunningham, D. Ashworth, A. Lord, C.J. (2018). Mapping genetic vulnerabilities reveals BTK as a novel therapeutic target in oesophageal cancer. Gut, Vol.67 (10), pp. 1780-1792.  show abstract

Holme, H. Gulati, A. Brough, R. Fleuren, E.D. Bajrami, I. Campbell, J. Chong, I.Y. Costa-Cabral, S. Elliott, R. Fenton, T. Frankum, J. Jones, S.E. Menon, M. Miller, R. Pemberton, H.N. Postel-Vinay, S. Rafiq, R. Selfe, J.L. von Kriegsheim, A. Munoz, A.G. Rodriguez, J. Shipley, J. van der Graaf, W.T. Williamson, C.T. Ryan, C.J. Pettitt, S. Ashworth, A. Strauss, S.J. Lord, C.J. (2018). Chemosensitivity profiling of osteosarcoma tumour cell lines identifies a model of BRCAness. Scientific reports, Vol.8 (1), pp. 10614-?.  show abstract

Petty, R.D. Dahle-Smith, A. Stevenson, D.A. Osborne, A. Massie, D. Clark, C. Murray, G.I. Dutton, S.J. Roberts, C. Chong, I.Y. Mansoor, W. Thompson, J. Harrison, M. Chatterjee, A. Falk, S.J. Elyan, S. Garcia-Alonso, A. Fyfe, D.W. Wadsley, J. Chau, I. Ferry, D.R. Miedzybrodzka, Z. (2017). Gefitinib and EGFR Gene Copy Number Aberrations in Esophageal Cancer. J clin oncol, Vol.35 (20), pp. 2279-2287.  show abstract

Battersby, N.J. Dattani, M. Rao, S. Cunningham, D. Tait, D. Adams, R. Moran, B.J. Khakoo, S. Tekkis, P. Rasheed, S. Mirnezami, A. Quirke, P. West, N.P. Nagtegaal, I. Chong, I. Sadanandam, A. Valeri, N. Thomas, K. Frost, M. Brown, G. (2017). A rectal cancer feasibility study with an embedded phase III trial design assessing magnetic resonance tumour regression grade (mrTRG) as a novel biomarker to stratify management by good and poor response to chemoradiotherapy (TRIGGER): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Trials, Vol.18 (1), pp. 394-?.  show abstract

Campbell, J. Ryan, C.J. Brough, R. Bajrami, I. Pemberton, H.N. Chong, I.Y. Costa-Cabral, S. Frankum, J. Gulati, A. Holme, H. Miller, R. Postel-Vinay, S. Rafiq, R. Wei, W. Williamson, C.T. Quigley, D.A. Tym, J. Al-Lazikani, B. Fenton, T. Natrajan, R. Strauss, S.J. Ashworth, A. Lord, C.J. (2016). Large-Scale Profiling of Kinase Dependencies in Cancer Cell Lines. Cell reports, Vol.14 (10), pp. 2490-2501.  show abstract

Hoskin, P.J. Rojas, A.M. Peiris, S.N. Mullassery, V. Chong, I.Y. (2014). Pre-treatment Haemoglobin and Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Count as Independent Predictors of Outcome in Carcinoma of Cervix. Clinical oncology, Vol.26 (4), pp. 179-184.

Wetterskog, D. Shiu, K.-. Chong, I. Meijer, T. Mackay, A. Lambros, M. Cunningham, D. Reis-Filho, J.S. Lord, C.J. Ashworth, A. (2014). Identification of novel determinants of resistance to lapatinib in ERBB2-amplified cancers. Oncogene, Vol.33 (8), pp. 966-976.

Chong, I.Y. Cunningham, D. Barber, L.J. Campbell, J. Chen, L. Kozarewa, I. Fenwick, K. Assiotis, I. Guettler, S. Garcia-Murillas, I. Awan, S. Lambros, M. Starling, N. Wotherspoon, A. Stamp, G. Gonzalez-de-Castro, D. Benson, M. Chau, I. Hulkki, S. Nohadani, M. Eltahir, Z. Lemnrau, A. Orr, N. Rao, S. Lord, C.J. Ashworth, A. (2013). The genomic landscape of oesophagogastric junctional adenocarcinoma. The journal of pathology, Vol.231 (3), pp. 301-310.

Chong, I. Hawkins, M. Hansen, V. Thomas, K. McNair, H. O’Neill, B. Aitken, A. Tait, D. (2011). Quantification of Organ Motion During Chemoradiotherapy of Rectal Cancer Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography. International journal of radiation oncology*biology*physics, Vol.81 (4), pp. e431-e438.

Wetterskog, D. Shiu, K.-. Chong, I. Meijer, T. Natrajan, R. Lord, C.J. Ashworth, A. Reis-Filho, J.S. (2011). Abstract 4987: Identification of novel genes and pathways involved in resistance to HER2-targeting agents in breast cancer. Cancer research, Vol.71 (8_Supplement), pp. 4987-4987.  show abstract

Chong, I. Wetterskog, D. Shiu, K.-. Meijer, T. Natrajan, R. Maryou, L. Reis-Filho, J. Lord, L.J. David, C. Ashworth, A. (2011). Abstract 3039: Identification of a novel biomarker of resistance to lapatinib common to both breast and oesophagogastric cancer. Cancer research, Vol.71 (8_Supplement), pp. 3039-3039.  show abstract

Cunningham, D. Chong, I. (2010). Optimal treatment of metastatic pancreatic cancer. Gut, Vol.59 (11), pp. 1454-1455.

Chong, I.Y. Brown, G. Heald, R.J. Thomas, K. Chau, I. Wotherspoon, A. Tait, D.M. (2010). A multicenter phase II clinical study evaluating the deferral of rectal surgery following a continued response to preoperative chemoradiotherapy (CRT). Journal of clinical oncology, Vol.28 (15_suppl), pp. TPS191-TPS191.

Chong, I.Y. Okines, A.F. Tait, D.M. Hawkins, M. Cunningham, D. Saffery, C. Thomas, K. Chau, I. (2010). A multicenter randomized phase II study of UFT/leucovorin and radiotherapy (RT) with or without cetuximab following induction gemcitabine plus capecitabine (GEM-CAP) in locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC). Journal of clinical oncology, Vol.28 (15_suppl), pp. TPS221-TPS221.

Chong, I. Hoskin, P.J. (2008). Vaginal vault brachytherapy as sole postoperative treatment for low-risk endometrial cancer. Brachytherapy, Vol.7 (2), pp. 195-199.

Chong, I. Mapping genetic vulnerabilities reveals BTK as a novel therapeutic target in oesophageal cancer. Gut, .

Otter, S. Chong, I. Kalaitzaki, R. Tait, D. Which patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer treated with induction chemotherapy are most likely to benefit from post-induction chemoradiotherapy?. International journal of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases, Vol.8 (1), pp. 1-4.  show abstract

Brogden, D.R. Kontovounisios, C. Chong, I. Tait, D. Warren, O.J. Bower, M. Tekkis, P. Mills, S.C. Local excision and treatment of early node-negative anal squamous cell carcinomas in a highly HIV prevalent population. Techniques in coloproctology, Vol.25 (9), pp. 1027-1036.  show abstract

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