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Clarke, M. Mackay, A. Ismer, B. Pickles, J.C. Tatevossian, R.G. Newman, S. Bale, T.A. Stoler, I. Izquierdo, E. Temelso, S. Carvalho, D.M. Molinari, V. Burford, A. Howell, L. Virasami, A. Fairchild, A.R. Avery, A. Chalker, J. Kristiansen, M. Haupfear, K. Dalton, J.D. Orisme, W. Wen, J. Hubank, M. Kurian, K.M. Rowe, C. Maybury, M. Crosier, S. Knipstein, J. Schüller, U. Kordes, U. Kram, D.E. Snuderl, M. Bridges, L. Martin, A.J. Doey, L.J. Al-Sarraj, S. Chandler, C. Zebian, B. Cairns, C. Natrajan, R. Boult, J.K. Robinson, S.P. Sill, M. Dunkel, I.J. Gilheeney, S.W. Rosenblum, M.K. Hughes, D. Proszek, P.Z. Macdonald, T.J. Preusser, M. Haberler, C. Slavc, I. Packer, R. Ng, H.-. Caspi, S. Popović, M. Faganel Kotnik, B. Wood, M.D. Baird, L. Davare, M.A. Solomon, D.A. Olsen, T.K. Brandal, P. Farrell, M. Cryan, J.B. Capra, M. Karremann, M. Schittenhelm, J. Schuhmann, M.U. Ebinger, M. Dinjens, W.N. Kerl, K. Hettmer, S. Pietsch, T. Andreiuolo, F. Driever, P.H. Korshunov, A. Hiddingh, L. Worst, B.C. Sturm, D. Zuckermann, M. Witt, O. Bloom, T. Mitchell, C. Miele, E. Colafati, G.S. Diomedi-Camassei, F. Bailey, S. Moore, A.S. Hassall, T.E. Lowis, S.P. Tsoli, M. Cowley, M.J. Ziegler, D.S. Karajannis, M.A. Aquilina, K. Hargrave, D.R. Carceller, F. Marshall, L.V. von Deimling, A. Kramm, C.M. Pfister, S.M. Sahm, F. Baker, S.J. Mastronuzzi, A. Carai, A. Vinci, M. Capper, D. Popov, S. Ellison, D.W. Jacques, T.S. Jones, D.T. Jones, C. (2020). Infant High-Grade Gliomas Comprise Multiple Subgroups Characterized by Novel Targetable Gene Fusions and Favorable Outcomes. Cancer discovery, Vol.10 (7), pp. 942-963.  show abstract

Zormpas-Petridis, K. Poon, E. Clarke, M. Jerome, N.P. Boult, J.K. Blackledge, M.D. Carceller, F. Koers, A. Barone, G. Pearson, A.D. Moreno, L. Anderson, J. Sebire, N. McHugh, K. Koh, D.-. Chesler, L. Yuan, Y. Robinson, S.P. Jamin, Y. (2020). Noninvasive MRI Native T1 Mapping Detects Response to MYCN-targeted Therapies in the Th-MYCN Model of Neuroblastoma. Cancer research, Vol.80 (16), pp. 3424-3435.  show abstract

Carreno, G. Boult, J.K. Apps, J. Gonzalez-Meljem, J.M. Haston, S. Guiho, R. Stache, C. Danielson, L.S. Koers, A. Smith, L.M. Virasami, A. Panousopoulos, L. Buchfelder, M. Jacques, T.S. Chesler, L. Robinson, S.P. Martinez-Barbera, J.P. (2019). SHH pathway inhibition is protumourigenic in adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma. Endocrine-related cancer, Vol.26 (3), pp. 355-366.  show abstract

Li, J. Zormpas-Petridis, K. Boult, J.K. Reeves, E.L. Heindl, A. Vinci, M. Lopes, F. Cummings, C. Springer, C.J. Chesler, L. Jones, C. Bamber, J.C. Yuan, Y. Sinkus, R. Jamin, Y. Robinson, S.P. (2019). Investigating the Contribution of Collagen to the Tumor Biomechanical Phenotype with Noninvasive Magnetic Resonance Elastography. Cancer research, Vol.79 (22), pp. 5874-5883.  show abstract

Khan, A.A. Paget, J.T. McLaughlin, M. Kyula, J.N. Wilkinson, M.J. Pencavel, T. Mansfield, D. Roulstone, V. Seth, R. Halle, M. Somaiah, N. Boult, J.K. Robinson, S.P. Pandha, H.S. Vile, R.G. Melcher, A.A. Harris, P.A. Harrington, K.J. (2018). Genetically modified lentiviruses that preserve microvascular function protect against late radiation damage in normal tissues. Science translational medicine, Vol.10 (425).  show abstract

Baker, L.C. Sikka, A. Price, J.M. Boult, J.K. Lepicard, E.Y. Box, G. Jamin, Y. Spinks, T.J. Kramer-Marek, G. Leach, M.O. Eccles, S.A. Box, C. Robinson, S.P. (2018). Evaluating Imaging Biomarkers of Acquired Resistance to Targeted EGFR Therapy in Xenograft Models of Human Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Frontiers in oncology, Vol.8, pp. 271-?.  show abstract

Jerome, N.P. Boult, J.K. Orton, M.R. d'Arcy, J.A. Nerurkar, A. Leach, M.O. Koh, D.-. Collins, D.J. Robinson, S.P. (2018). Characterisation of fibrosis in chemically-induced rat mammary carcinomas using multi-modal endogenous contrast MRI on a 1 5T clinical platform. European radiology, Vol.28 (4), pp. 1642-1653.  show abstract

Burley, T.A. Mączyńska, J. Shah, A. Szopa, W. Harrington, K.J. Boult, J.K. Mrozek-Wilczkiewicz, A. Vinci, M. Bamber, J.C. Kaspera, W. Kramer-Marek, G. (2018). Near-infrared photoimmunotherapy targeting EGFR-Shedding new light on glioblastoma treatment. International journal of cancer, Vol.142 (11), pp. 2363-2374.  show abstract

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Papaevangelou, E. Boult, J.K. Whitley, G.S. Robinson, S.P. Howe, F.A. (2018). Assessment of the direct effects of DDAH I on tumour angiogenesis in vivo. Angiogenesis, Vol.21 (4), pp. 737-749.  show abstract

Al-Saffar, N.M. Troy, H. Wong Te Fong, A.-. Paravati, R. Jackson, L.E. Gowan, S. Boult, J.K. Robinson, S.P. Eccles, S.A. Yap, T.A. Leach, M.O. Chung, Y.-. (2018). Metabolic biomarkers of response to the AKT inhibitor MK-2206 in pre-clinical models of human colorectal and prostate carcinoma. British journal of cancer, Vol.119 (9), pp. 1118-1128.  show abstract

Robinson, S.P. Boult, J.K. Vasudev, N.S. Reynolds, A.R. (2017). Monitoring the Vascular Response and Resistance to Sunitinib in Renal Cell Carcinoma In Vivo with Susceptibility Contrast MRI. Cancer research, Vol.77 (15), pp. 4127-4134.  show abstract

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O'Connor, J.P. Boult, J.K. Jamin, Y. Babur, M. Finegan, K.G. Williams, K.J. Little, R.A. Jackson, A. Parker, G.J. Reynolds, A.R. Waterton, J.C. Robinson, S.P. (2016). Oxygen-Enhanced MRI Accurately Identifies, Quantifies, and Maps Tumor Hypoxia in Preclinical Cancer Models. Cancer research, Vol.76 (4), pp. 787-795.  show abstract

Jerome, N.P. Boult, J.K. Orton, M.R. d'Arcy, J. Collins, D.J. Leach, M.O. Koh, D.-. Robinson, S.P. (2016). Modulation of renal oxygenation and perfusion in rat kidney monitored by quantitative diffusion and blood oxygen level dependent magnetic resonance imaging on a clinical 1 5T platform. Bmc nephrology, Vol.17 (1), pp. 142-?.  show abstract

Baker, L.C. Boult, J.K. Thomas, M. Koehler, A. Nayak, T. Tessier, J. Ooi, C.-. Birzele, F. Belousov, A. Zajac, M. Horn, C. LeFave, C. Robinson, S.P. (2016). Acute tumour response to a bispecific Ang-2-VEGF-A antibody: insights from multiparametric MRI and gene expression profiling. British journal of cancer, Vol.115 (6), pp. 691-702.  show abstract

Burrell, J.S. Walker-Samuel, S. Boult, J.K. Baker, L.C. Jamin, Y. Halliday, J. Waterton, J.C. Robinson, S.P. (2016). Investigating the Vascular Phenotype of Subcutaneously and Orthotopically Propagated PC3 Prostate Cancer Xenografts Using Combined Carbogen Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide MRI. Topics in magnetic resonance imaging : tmri, Vol.25 (5), pp. 237-243.  show abstract

Boult, J.K. Borri, M. Jury, A. Popov, S. Box, G. Perryman, L. Eccles, S.A. Jones, C. Robinson, S.P. (2016). Investigating intracranial tumour growth patterns with multiparametric MRI incorporating Gd-DTPA and USPIO-enhanced imaging. Nmr in biomedicine, Vol.29 (11), pp. 1608-1617.  show abstract

Jamin, Y. Boult, J.K. Li, J. Popov, S. Garteiser, P. Ulloa, J.L. Cummings, C. Box, G. Eccles, S.A. Jones, C. Waterton, J.C. Bamber, J.C. Sinkus, R. Robinson, S.P. (2015). Exploring the biomechanical properties of brain malignancies and their pathologic determinants in vivo with magnetic resonance elastography. Cancer res, Vol.75 (7), pp. 1216-1224.  show abstract

McErlean, C.M. Boult, J.K. Collins, D.J. Leach, M.O. Robinson, S.P. Doran, S.J. (2015). Detecting microvascular changes in the mouse spleen using optical computed tomography. Microvascular research, Vol.101, pp. 96-102.

Hill, R.M. Kuijper, S. Lindsey, J.C. Petrie, K. Schwalbe, E.C. Barker, K. Boult, J.K. Williamson, D. Ahmad, Z. Hallsworth, A. Ryan, S.L. Poon, E. Robinson, S.P. Ruddle, R. Raynaud, F.I. Howell, L. Kwok, C. Joshi, A. Nicholson, S.L. Crosier, S. Ellison, D.W. Wharton, S.B. Robson, K. Michalski, A. Hargrave, D. Jacques, T.S. Pizer, B. Bailey, S. Swartling, F.J. Weiss, W.A. Chesler, L. Clifford, S.C. (2015). Combined MYC and P53 defects emerge at medulloblastoma relapse and define rapidly progressive, therapeutically targetable disease. Cancer cell, Vol.27 (1), pp. 72-84.  show abstract

Li, J. Jamin, Y. Boult, J.K. Cummings, C. Waterton, J.C. Ulloa, J. Sinkus, R. Bamber, J.C. Robinson, S.P. (2014). Tumour biomechanical response to the vascular disrupting agent ZD6126 in vivo assessed by magnetic resonance elastography. Br j cancer, Vol.110 (7), pp. 1727-1732.  show abstract

Lin, G. Hill, D.K. Andrejeva, G. Boult, J.K. Troy, H. Fong, A.-. Orton, M.R. Panek, R. Parkes, H.G. Jafar, M. Koh, D.-. Robinson, S.P. Judson, I.R. Griffiths, J.R. Leach, M.O. Eykyn, T.R. Chung, Y.-. (2014). Dichloroacetate induces autophagy in colorectal cancer cells and tumours. Br j cancer, Vol.111 (2), pp. 375-385.  show abstract

Baker, L.C. Boult, J.K. Jamin, Y. Gilmour, L.D. Walker-Samuel, S. Burrell, J.S. Ashcroft, M. Howe, F.A. Griffiths, J.R. Raleigh, J.A. van der Kogel, A.J. Robinson, S.P. (2013). Evaluation and immunohistochemical qualification of carbogen-induced ΔR₂ as a noninvasive imaging biomarker of improved tumor oxygenation. Int j radiat oncol biol phys, Vol.87 (1), pp. 160-167.  show abstract

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Boult, J.K. Terkelsen, J. Walker-Samuel, S. Bradley, D.P. Robinson, S.P. (2013). A multi-parametric imaging investigation of the response of C6 glioma xenografts to MLN0518 (tandutinib) treatment. Plos one, Vol.8 (4), p. e63024.  show abstract

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Baker, L.C. Boult, J.K. Walker-Samuel, S. Chung, Y.-. Jamin, Y. Ashcroft, M. Robinson, S.P. (2012). The HIF-pathway inhibitor NSC-134754 induces metabolic changes and anti-tumour activity while maintaining vascular function. Br j cancer, Vol.106 (10), pp. 1638-1647.  show abstract

Burrell, J.S. Bradley, R.S. Walker-Samuel, S. Jamin, Y. Baker, L.C. Boult, J.K. Withers, P.J. Halliday, J. Waterton, J.C. Robinson, S.P. (2012). MRI measurements of vessel calibre in tumour xenografts: comparison with vascular corrosion casting. Microvasc res, Vol.84 (3), pp. 323-329.  show abstract

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Burrell, J.S. Walker-Samuel, S. Baker, L.C. Boult, J.K. Jamin, Y. Ryan, A.J. Waterton, J.C. Halliday, J. Robinson, S.P. (2012). Evaluation of novel combined carbogen USPIO (CUSPIO) imaging biomarkers in assessing the antiangiogenic effects of cediranib (AZD2171) in rat C6 gliomas. Int j cancer, Vol.131 (8), pp. 1854-1862.  show abstract

Walker-Samuel, S. Orton, M. Boult, J.K. Robinson, S.P. (2011). Improving apparent diffusion coefficient estimates and elucidating tumor heterogeneity using Bayesian adaptive smoothing. Magn reson med, Vol.65 (2), pp. 438-447.  show abstract

Kostourou, V. Cartwright, J.E. Johnstone, A.P. Boult, J.K. Cullis, E.R. Whitley, G.S. Robinson, S.P. (2011). The role of tumour-derived iNOS in tumour progression and angiogenesis. British journal of cancer, Vol.104 (1), pp. 83-8.

Burrell, J.S. Walker-Samuel, S. Baker, L.C. Boult, J.K. Ryan, A.J. Waterton, J.C. Halliday, J. Robinson, S.P. (2011). Investigating temporal fluctuations in tumor vasculature with combined carbogen and ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide particle (CUSPIO) imaging. Magn reson med, Vol.66 (1), pp. 227-234.  show abstract

Boult, J.K. Walker-Samuel, S. Jamin, Y. Leiper, J.M. Whitley, G.S. Robinson, S.P. (2011). Active site mutant dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase 1 expression confers an intermediate tumour phenotype in C6 gliomas. J pathol, Vol.225 (3), pp. 344-352.  show abstract

Ratté, S. Vreugdenhil, M. Boult, J.K. Patel, A. Asante, E.A. Collinge, J. Jefferys, J.G. (2011). Threshold for epileptiform activity is elevated in prion knockout mice. Neuroscience, Vol.179, pp. 56-61.  show abstract

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Akagi, T. Ito, T. Kato, M. Jin, Z. Cheng, Y. Kan, T. Yamamoto, G. Olaru, A. Kawamata, N. Boult, J. Soukiasian, H.J. Miller, C.W. Ogawa, S. Meltzer, S.J. Koeffler, H.P. (2009). Chromosomal abnormalities and novel disease-related regions in progression from Barrett's esophagus to esophageal adenocarcinoma. Int j cancer, Vol.125 (10), pp. 2349-2359.  show abstract

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Boult, J.K. Tanière, P. Hallissey, M.T. Campbell, M.J. Tselepis, C. (2008). Oesophageal adenocarcinoma is associated with a deregulation in the MYC/MAX/MAD network. Br j cancer, Vol.98 (12), pp. 1985-1992.  show abstract

Jamin, Y. Tucker, E.R. Poon, E.S. Popov, S. Vaughan, L. Boult, J.K. Webber, H. Hallsworth, A. Baker, L.C. Jones, C. Koh, D.-. Pearson, A.D. Chesler, L. Robinson, S.P. Evaluation of clinically translatable magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers of therapeutic response in the TH-MYCN transgenic mouse model of neuroblastoma. Radiology, .

Little, R.A. Jamin, Y. Boult, J.K. Naish, J.H. Watson, Y. Cheung, S. Holliday, K.F. Lu, H. McHugh, D.J. Irlam, J. West, C.M. Betts, G.N. Ashton, G. Reynolds, A.R. Maddineni, S. Clarke, N.W. Parker, G.J. Waterton, J.C. Robinson, S.P. O'Connor, J.P. Mapping Hypoxia in Renal Carcinoma with Oxygen-enhanced MRI: Comparison with Intrinsic Susceptibility MRI and Pathology. Radiology, Vol.288 (3), pp. 739-747.  show abstract

Hill, D.K. Ortom, M.R. Mariotti, E. Boult, J.K. Panek, R. Jafar, M. Parkes, H.G. Jamin, Y. Miniotis, M.F. Al-Saffar, M.S. Beloueche-Babari, M. Robinson, S.P. Leach, M.O. Chung, Y.-. Eykyn, T.R. Model Free Approach to Kinetic Analysis of Real-Time Hyperpolarized 13C Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data. Plos one, Vol.9 (8).  show abstract


Roberts, K.Brookes, M.J.Boult, J.Mckie, A.T.Iqbal, T.Spychal, R.Tselepis, C. (2007). Expression of Hcp-1 in oesophageal carcinogenesis, GASTROENTEROLOGY, Vol.132 (4), p.A305.

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