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Dr Magnus Dillon

Senior Researcher

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Dr Magnus Dillon is an Academic Clinical Lecturer in the Targeted Therapy Team at the ICR and an honorary clinical oncology registrar at The Royal Marsden hospital. Magnus is a clinical oncologist with research interests in the effect of DNA damage on the immune tumour microenvironment. Team: Targeted Therapy
+44 20 3437 6959

Biography and research overview

Magnus has demonstrated that ATR inhibition significantly radiosensitises tumour cells, and is running the ongoing PATRIOT study of the ATR inhibitor Ceralasertib as monotherapy and in combination with palliative radiotherapy in advanced solid tumours. In preclinical models, he has demonstrated significant modulation of the immune microenvironment after combination treatment with ATR inhibitors and radiotherapy. His current work is investigating the effects of multiple DNA damage response inhibitors on anti-tumour immune responses.

Magnus’ undergraduate education was at the University of Cambridge and The Royal Free and University College Medical School. He was appointed as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in 2011, training in clinical oncology at The Royal Marsden, Guildford and Brighton. In 2018 he was awarded his PhD, investigating ATR inhibition as an anti-cancer therapy, supervised by Prof Kevin Harrington.