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Necci, M. Piovesan, D. Tosatto, S.C. (2021). Critical assessment of protein intrinsic disorder prediction. Nature methods, Vol.18 (5), pp. 472-481.  show abstract

Kruse, T. Benz, C. Garvanska, D.H. Lindqvist, R. Mihalic, F. Coscia, F. Inturi, R. Sayadi, A. Simonetti, L. Nilsson, E. Ali, M. Kliche, J. Moliner Morro, A. Mund, A. Andersson, E. McInerney, G. Mann, M. Jemth, P. Davey, N.E. Överby, A.K. Nilsson, J. Ivarsson, Y. (2021). Large scale discovery of coronavirus-host factor protein interaction motifs reveals SARS-CoV-2 specific mechanisms and vulnerabilities. Nature communications, Vol.12 (1).  show abstract

Kumar, M. Kumar, M. Gouw, M. Michael, S. Sámano-Sánchez, H. Pancsa, R. Glavina, J. Diakogianni, A. Valverde, J.A. Bukirova, D. Čalyševa, J. Palopoli, N. Davey, N.E. Chemes, L.B. Gibson, T.J. (2020). ELM-the eukaryotic linear motif resource in 2020. Nucleic acids research, Vol.48 (D1), pp. D296-D306.  show abstract

Palopoli, N. Iserte, J.A. Chemes, L.B. Marino-Buslje, C. Parisi, G. Gibson, T.J. Davey, N.E. (2020). The articles ELM resource: simplifying access to protein linear motif literature by annotation, text-mining and classification. Database : the journal of biological databases and curation, Vol.2020.  show abstract

Balasuriya, N. Davey, N.E. Johnson, J.L. Liu, H. Biggar, K.K. Cantley, L.C. Li, S.S. O'Donoghue, P. (2020). Phosphorylation-dependent substrate selectivity of protein kinase B (AKT1). Journal of biological chemistry, Vol.295 (24), pp. 8120-8134.

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Bandyopadhyay, S. Bhaduri, S. Örd, M. Davey, N.E. Loog, M. Pryciak, P.M. (2020). Comprehensive Analysis of G1 Cyclin Docking Motif Sequences that Control CDK Regulatory Potency In Vivo. Current biology : cb, Vol.30 (22), pp. 4454-4466.e5.  show abstract

Davey, N.E. (2019). The functional importance of structure in unstructured protein regions. Current opinion in structural biology, Vol.56, pp. 155-163.  show abstract

Sebaa, R. Johnson, J. Pileggi, C. Norgren, M. Xuan, J. Sai, Y. Tong, Q. Krystkowiak, I. Bondy-Chorney, E. Davey, N.E. Krogan, N. Downey, M. Harper, M.-. (2019). SIRT3 controls brown fat thermogenesis by deacetylation regulation of pathways upstream of UCP1. Molecular metabolism, Vol.25, pp. 35-49.  show abstract

Smith, R.J. Cordeiro, M.H. Davey, N.E. Vallardi, G. Ciliberto, A. Gross, F. Saurin, A.T. (2019). PP1 and PP2A Use Opposite Phospho-dependencies to Control Distinct Processes at the Kinetochore. Cell reports, Vol.28 (8), pp. 2206-2219.e8.  show abstract

Jespersen, N. Estelle, A. Waugh, N. Davey, N.E. Blikstad, C. Ammon, Y.-. Akhmanova, A. Ivarsson, Y. Hendrix, D.A. Barbar, E. (2019). Systematic identification of recognition motifs for the hub protein LC8. Life science alliance, Vol.2 (4), pp. e201900366-e201900366.  show abstract

Ueki, Y. Kruse, T. Weisser, M.B. Sundell, G.N. Larsen, M.S. Mendez, B.L. Jenkins, N.P. Garvanska, D.H. Cressey, L. Zhang, G. Davey, N. Montoya, G. Ivarsson, Y. Kettenbach, A.N. Nilsson, J. (2019). A Consensus Binding Motif for the PP4 Protein Phosphatase. Molecular cell, Vol.76 (6), pp. 953-964.e6.

Kruse, T. Biedenkopf, N. Hertz, E.P. Dietzel, E. Stalmann, G. López-Méndez, B. Davey, N.E. Nilsson, J. Becker, S. (2018). The Ebola Virus Nucleoprotein Recruits the Host PP2A-B56 Phosphatase to Activate Transcriptional Support Activity of VP30. Molecular cell, Vol.69 (1), pp. 136-145.e6.

Krystkowiak, I. Manguy, J. Davey, N.E. (2018). PSSMSearch: a server for modeling, visualization, proteome-wide discovery and annotation of protein motif specificity determinants. Nucleic acids research, Vol.46 (W1), pp. W235-W241.

Bentley-DeSousa, A. Holinier, C. Moteshareie, H. Tseng, Y.-. Kajjo, S. Nwosu, C. Amodeo, G.F. Bondy-Chorney, E. Sai, Y. Rudner, A. Golshani, A. Davey, N.E. Downey, M. (2018). A Screen for Candidate Targets of Lysine Polyphosphorylation Uncovers a Conserved Network Implicated in Ribosome Biogenesis. Cell reports, Vol.22 (13), pp. 3427-3439.

Chhabra, S. Fischer, P. Takeuchi, K. Dubey, A. Ziarek, J.J. Boeszoermenyi, A. Mathieu, D. Bermel, W. Davey, N.E. Wagner, G. Arthanari, H. (2018). 15 N detection harnesses the slow relaxation property of nitrogen: Delivering enhanced resolution for intrinsically disordered proteins. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences, Vol.115 (8).  show abstract

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Piovesan, D. Tabaro, F. Paladin, L. Necci, M. Micetic, I. Camilloni, C. Davey, N.E. Dosztányi, Z. Mészáros, B. Monzon, A.M. Parisi, G.D. Schád, É. Sormanni, P. Tompa, P. Vendruscolo, M. Vranken, W.F. Tosatto, S.C. (2018). MobiDB 3 0: more annotations for intrinsic disorder, conformational diversity and interactions in proteins. Nucleic acids res., Vol.46, pp. D471-D476.

Davey, N.E. Seo, M. Yadav, V.K. Jeon, J. Nim, S. Krystkowiak, I. Blikstad, C. Dong, D. Markova, N. Kim, P.M. Ivarsson, Y. (2017). Discovery of short linear motif‐mediated interactions through phage display of intrinsically disordered regions of the human proteome. The febs journal, Vol.284 (3), pp. 485-498.

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