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Pierrat, O.A. Liu, M. Collie, G.W. Shetty, K. Rodrigues, M.J. Le Bihan, Y.-. Gunnell, E.A. McAndrew, P.C. Stubbs, M. Rowlands, M.G. Yahya, N. Shehu, E. Talbot, R. Pickard, L. Bellenie, B.R. Cheung, K.-. Drouin, L. Innocenti, P. Woodward, H. Davis, O.A. Lloyd, M.G. Varela, A. Huckvale, R. Broccatelli, F. Carter, M. Galiwango, D. Hayes, A. Raynaud, F.I. Bryant, C. Whittaker, S. Rossanese, O.W. Hoelder, S. Burke, R. van Montfort, R.L. (2022). Discovering cell-active BCL6 inhibitors: effectively combining biochemical HTS with multiple biophysical techniques, X-ray crystallography and cell-based assays. , Vol.12 (1), p. 18633.  show abstract

Davis, O.A. Cheung, K.-. Brennan, A. Lloyd, M.G. Rodrigues, M.J. Pierrat, O.A. Collie, G.W. Le Bihan, Y.-. Huckvale, R. Harnden, A.C. Varela, A. Bright, M.D. Eve, P. Hayes, A. Henley, A.T. Carter, M.D. McAndrew, P.C. Talbot, R. Burke, R. van Montfort, R.L. Raynaud, F.I. Rossanese, O.W. Meniconi, M. Bellenie, B.R. Hoelder, S. (2022). Optimizing Shape Complementarity Enables the Discovery of Potent Tricyclic BCL6 Inhibitors. , Vol.65 (12), pp. 8169-8190.  show abstract

Huckvale, R. Harnden, A.C. Cheung, K.-. Pierrat, O.A. Talbot, R. Box, G.M. Henley, A.T. de Haven Brandon, A.K. Hallsworth, A.E. Bright, M.D. Akpinar, H.A. Miller, D.S. Tarantino, D. Gowan, S. Hayes, A. Gunnell, E.A. Brennan, A. Davis, O.A. Johnson, L.D. de Klerk, S. McAndrew, C. Le Bihan, Y.-. Meniconi, M. Burke, R. Kirkin, V. van Montfort, R.L. Raynaud, F.I. Rossanese, O.W. Bellenie, B.R. Hoelder, S. (2022). Improved Binding Affinity and Pharmacokinetics Enable Sustained Degradation of BCL6 In Vivo. , Vol.65 (12), pp. 8191-8207.  show abstract

Walters, Z.S. Aladowicz, E. Villarejo-Balcells, B. Nugent, G. Selfe, J.L. Eve, P. Blagg, J. Rossanese, O. Shipley, J. (2021). Role for the Histone Demethylase KDM4B in Rhabdomyosarcoma via CDK6 and CCNA2: Compensation by KDM4A and Apoptotic Response of Targeting Both KDM4B and KDM4A. Cancers, Vol.13 (7).  show abstract

Bellenie, B.R. Cheung, K.-. Varela, A. Pierrat, O.A. Collie, G.W. Box, G.M. Bright, M.D. Gowan, S. Hayes, A. Rodrigues, M.J. Shetty, K.N. Carter, M. Davis, O.A. Henley, A.T. Innocenti, P. Johnson, L.D. Liu, M. de Klerk, S. Le Bihan, Y.-. Lloyd, M.G. McAndrew, P.C. Shehu, E. Talbot, R. Woodward, H.L. Burke, R. Kirkin, V. van Montfort, R.L. Raynaud, F.I. Rossanese, O.W. Hoelder, S. (2020). Achieving In Vivo Target Depletion through the Discovery and Optimization of Benzimidazolone BCL6 Degraders. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.63 (8), pp. 4047-4068.  show abstract

Le Bihan, Y.-. Lanigan, R.M. Atrash, B. McLaughlin, M.G. Velupillai, S. Malcolm, A.G. England, K.S. Ruda, G.F. Mok, N.Y. Tumber, A. Tomlin, K. Saville, H. Shehu, E. McAndrew, C. Carmichael, L. Bennett, J.M. Jeganathan, F. Eve, P. Donovan, A. Hayes, A. Wood, F. Raynaud, F.I. Fedorov, O. Brennan, P.E. Burke, R. van Montfort, R.L. Rossanese, O.W. Blagg, J. Bavetsias, V. (2019). C8-substituted pyrido[3,4-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-ones: Studies towards the identification of potent, cell penetrant Jumonji C domain containing histone lysine demethylase 4 subfamily (KDM4) inhibitors, compound profiling in cell-based target engagement assays. European journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.177, pp. 316-337.  show abstract

Macdonald, J.D. Chacón Simon, S. Han, C. Wang, F. Shaw, J.G. Howes, J.E. Sai, J. Yuh, J.P. Camper, D. Alicie, B.M. Alvarado, J. Nikhar, S. Payne, W. Aho, E.R. Bauer, J.A. Zhao, B. Phan, J. Thomas, L.R. Rossanese, O.W. Tansey, W.P. Waterson, A.G. Stauffer, S.R. Fesik, S.W. (2019). Discovery and Optimization of Salicylic Acid-Derived Sulfonamide Inhibitors of the WD Repeat-Containing Protein 5–MYC Protein–Protein Interaction. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.62 (24), pp. 11232-11259.

Howes, J.E. Akan, D.T. Burns, M.C. Rossanese, O.W. Waterson, A.G. Fesik, S.W. (2018). Small Molecule–Mediated Activation of RAS Elicits Biphasic Modulation of Phospho-ERK Levels that Are Regulated through Negative Feedback on SOS1. Molecular cancer therapeutics, Vol.17 (5), pp. 1051-1060.  show abstract

Burns, M.C. Howes, J.E. Sun, Q. Little, A.J. Camper, D.V. Abbott, J.R. Phan, J. Lee, T. Waterson, A.G. Rossanese, O.W. Fesik, S.W. (2018). High-throughput screening identifies small molecules that bind to the RAS:SOS:RAS complex and perturb RAS signaling. Analytical biochemistry, Vol.548, pp. 44-52.

Abbott, J.R. Patel, P.A. Howes, J.E. Akan, D.T. Kennedy, J.P. Burns, M.C. Browning, C.F. Sun, Q. Rossanese, O.W. Phan, J. Waterson, A.G. Fesik, S.W. (2018). Discovery of Quinazolines That Activate SOS1-Mediated Nucleotide Exchange on RAS. Acs medicinal chemistry letters, Vol.9 (9), pp. 941-946.  show abstract

Hodges, T.R. Abbott, J.R. Little, A.J. Sarkar, D. Salovich, J.M. Howes, J.E. Akan, D.T. Sai, J. Arnold, A.L. Browning, C. Burns, M.C. Sobolik, T. Sun, Q. Beesetty, Y. Coker, J.A. Scharn, D. Stadtmueller, H. Rossanese, O.W. Phan, J. Waterson, A.G. McConnell, D.B. Fesik, S.W. (2018). Discovery and Structure-Based Optimization of Benzimidazole-Derived Activators of SOS1-Mediated Nucleotide Exchange on RAS. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.61 (19), pp. 8875-8894.

Wang, F. Jeon, K.O. Salovich, J.M. Macdonald, J.D. Alvarado, J. Gogliotti, R.D. Phan, J. Olejniczak, E.T. Sun, Q. Wang, S. Camper, D. Yuh, J.P. Shaw, J.G. Sai, J. Rossanese, O.W. Tansey, W.P. Stauffer, S.R. Fesik, S.W. (2018). Discovery of Potent 2-Aryl-6,7-dihydro-5H-pyrrolo[1,2-a]imidazoles as WDR5-WIN-Site Inhibitors Using Fragment-Based Methods and Structure-Based Design. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.61 (13), pp. 5623-5642.

Shaw, S. Bian, Z. Zhao, B. Tarr, J.C. Veerasamy, N. Jeon, K.O. Belmar, J. Arnold, A.L. Fogarty, S.A. Perry, E. Sensintaffar, J.L. Camper, D.V. Rossanese, O.W. Lee, T. Olejniczak, E.T. Fesik, S.W. (2018). Optimization of Potent and Selective Tricyclic Indole Diazepinone Myeloid Cell Leukemia-1 Inhibitors Using Structure-Based Design. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.61 (6), pp. 2410-2421.

Abbott, J.R. Hodges, T.R. Daniels, R.N. Patel, P.A. Kennedy, J.P. Howes, J.E. Akan, D.T. Burns, M.C. Sai, J. Sobolik, T. Beesetty, Y. Lee, T. Rossanese, O.W. Phan, J. Waterson, A.G. Fesik, S.W. (2018). Discovery of Aminopiperidine Indoles That Activate the Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor SOS1 and Modulate RAS Signaling. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.61 (14), pp. 6002-6017.

Hatch, S.B. Yapp, C. Montenegro, R.C. Savitsky, P. Gamble, V. Tumber, A. Ruda, G.F. Bavetsias, V. Fedorov, O. Atrash, B. Raynaud, F. Lanigan, R. Carmichael, L. Tomlin, K. Burke, R. Westaway, S.M. Brown, J.A. Prinjha, R.K. Martinez, E.D. Oppermann, U. Schofield, C.J. Bountra, C. Kawamura, A. Blagg, J. Brennan, P.E. Rossanese, O. Müller, S. (2017). Assessing histone demethylase inhibitors in cells: lessons learned. Epigenetics & chromatin, Vol.10, pp. 9-?.  show abstract

Lee, T. Bian, Z. Zhao, B. Hogdal, L.J. Sensintaffar, J.L. Goodwin, C.M. Belmar, J. Shaw, S. Tarr, J.C. Veerasamy, N. Matulis, S.M. Koss, B. Fischer, M.A. Arnold, A.L. Camper, D.V. Browning, C.F. Rossanese, O.W. Budhraja, A. Opferman, J. Boise, L.H. Savona, M.R. Letai, A. Olejniczak, E.T. Fesik, S.W. (2017). Discovery and biological characterization of potent myeloid cell leukemia‐1 inhibitors. Febs letters, Vol.591 (1), pp. 240-251.

Pelz, N.F. Bian, Z. Zhao, B. Shaw, S. Tarr, J.C. Belmar, J. Gregg, C. Camper, D.V. Goodwin, C.M. Arnold, A.L. Sensintaffar, J.L. Friberg, A. Rossanese, O.W. Lee, T. Olejniczak, E.T. Fesik, S.W. (2016). Discovery of 2-Indole-acylsulfonamide Myeloid Cell Leukemia 1 (Mcl-1) Inhibitors Using Fragment-Based Methods. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.59 (5), pp. 2054-2066.

Kanu, N. Cerone, M.A. Goh, G. Zalmas, L.-. Bartkova, J. Dietzen, M. McGranahan, N. Rogers, R. Law, E.K. Gromova, I. Kschischo, M. Walton, M.I. Rossanese, O.W. Bartek, J. Harris, R.S. Venkatesan, S. Swanton, C. (2016). DNA replication stress mediates APOBEC3 family mutagenesis in breast cancer. Genome biology, Vol.17 (1), pp. 185-?.  show abstract

Patrone, J.D. Pelz, N.F. Bates, B.S. Souza-Fagundes, E.M. Vangamudi, B. Camper, D.V. Kuznetsov, A.G. Browning, C.F. Feldkamp, M.D. Frank, A.O. Gilston, B.A. Olejniczak, E.T. Rossanese, O.W. Waterson, A.G. Chazin, W.J. Fesik, S.W. (2016). Identification and Optimization of Anthranilic Acid Based Inhibitors of Replication Protein A. Chemmedchem, Vol.11 (8), pp. 893-899.

Goodwin, C.M. Rossanese, O.W. Olejniczak, E.T. Fesik, S.W. (2015). Myeloid cell leukemia-1 is an important apoptotic survival factor in triple-negative breast cancer. Cell death & differentiation, Vol.22 (12), pp. 2098-2106.

Waterson, A.G. Kennedy, J.P. Patrone, J.D. Pelz, N.F. Feldkamp, M.D. Frank, A.O. Vangamudi, B. Souza-Fagundes, E.M. Rossanese, O.W. Chazin, W.J. Fesik, S.W. (2015). Diphenylpyrazoles as Replication Protein A Inhibitors. Acs medicinal chemistry letters, Vol.6 (2), pp. 140-145.

Burke, J.P. Bian, Z. Shaw, S. Zhao, B. Goodwin, C.M. Belmar, J. Browning, C.F. Vigil, D. Friberg, A. Camper, D.V. Rossanese, O.W. Lee, T. Olejniczak, E.T. Fesik, S.W. (2015). Discovery of Tricyclic Indoles That Potently Inhibit Mcl-1 Using Fragment-Based Methods and Structure-Based Design. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.58 (9), pp. 3794-3805.

Frank, A.O. Vangamudi, B. Feldkamp, M.D. Souza-Fagundes, E.M. Luzwick, J.W. Cortez, D. Olejniczak, E.T. Waterson, A.G. Rossanese, O.W. Chazin, W.J. Fesik, S.W. (2014). Discovery of a potent stapled helix peptide that binds to the 70N domain of replication protein A. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.57 (6), pp. 2455-2461.  show abstract

Burns, M.C. Sun, Q. Daniels, R.N. Camper, D. Kennedy, J.P. Phan, J. Olejniczak, E.T. Lee, T. Waterson, A.G. Rossanese, O.W. Fesik, S.W. (2014). Approach for targeting Ras with small molecules that activate SOS-mediated nucleotide exchange. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences, Vol.111 (9), pp. 3401-3406.  show abstract

Patrone, J.D. Kennedy, J.P. Frank, A.O. Feldkamp, M.D. Vangamudi, B. Pelz, N.F. Rossanese, O.W. Waterson, A.G. Chazin, W.J. Fesik, S.W. (2013). Discovery of Protein–Protein Interaction Inhibitors of Replication Protein A. Acs medicinal chemistry letters, Vol.4 (7), pp. 601-605.

Rheault, T.R. Stellwagen, J.C. Adjabeng, G.M. Hornberger, K.R. Petrov, K.G. Waterson, A.G. Dickerson, S.H. Mook, R.A. Laquerre, S.G. King, A.J. Rossanese, O.W. Arnone, M.R. Smitheman, K.N. Kane-Carson, L.S. Han, C. Moorthy, G.S. Moss, K.G. Uehling, D.E. (2013). Discovery of Dabrafenib: A Selective Inhibitor of Raf Kinases with Antitumor Activity against B-Raf-Driven Tumors. Acs medicinal chemistry letters, Vol.4 (3), pp. 358-362.

Frank, A.O. Feldkamp, M.D. Kennedy, J.P. Waterson, A.G. Pelz, N.F. Patrone, J.D. Vangamudi, B. Camper, D.V. Rossanese, O.W. Chazin, W.J. Fesik, S.W. (2013). Discovery of a Potent Inhibitor of Replication Protein A Protein–Protein Interactions Using a Fragment-Linking Approach. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.56 (22), pp. 9242-9250.

Souza-Fagundes, E.M. Frank, A.O. Feldkamp, M.D. Dorset, D.C. Chazin, W.J. Rossanese, O.W. Olejniczak, E.T. Fesik, S.W. (2012). A high-throughput fluorescence polarization anisotropy assay for the 70N domain of replication protein A. Analytical biochemistry, Vol.421 (2), pp. 742-749.

Sun, Q. Burke, J.P. Phan, J. Burns, M.C. Olejniczak, E.T. Waterson, A.G. Lee, T. Rossanese, O.W. Fesik, S.W. (2012). Discovery of Small Molecules that Bind to K-Ras and Inhibit Sos-Mediated Activation. Angewandte chemie international edition, Vol.51 (25), pp. 6140-6143.

Stellwagen, J.C. Adjabeng, G.M. Arnone, M.R. Dickerson, S.H. Han, C. Hornberger, K.R. King, A.J. Mook, R.A. Petrov, K.G. Rheault, T.R. Rominger, C.M. Rossanese, O.W. Smitheman, K.N. Waterson, A.G. Uehling, D.E. (2011). Development of potent B-RafV600E inhibitors containing an arylsulfonamide headgroup. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, Vol.21 (15), pp. 4436-4440.

Losev, E. Papanikou, E. Rossanese, O.W. Glick, B.S. (2008). Cdc1p Is an Endoplasmic Reticulum-Localized Putative Lipid Phosphatase That Affects Golgi Inheritance and Actin Polarization by Activating Ca 2+ Signaling. Molecular and cellular biology, Vol.28 (10), pp. 3336-3343.  show abstract

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Jiang, X. Rossanese, O.W. Brown, N.F. Kujat-Choy, S. Galán, J.E. Finlay, B.B. Brumell, J.H. The related effector proteins SopD and SopD2 from Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium contribute to virulence during systemic infection of mice. Molecular microbiology, Vol.54 (5), pp. 1186-1198.

Bhave, M. Papanikou, E. Iyer, P. Pandya, K. Jain, B.K. Ganguly, A. Sharma, C. Pawar, K. Austin, J. Day, K.J. Rossanese, O.W. Glick, B.S. Bhattacharyya, D. Golgi enlargement in Arf-depleted yeast cells is due to altered dynamics of cisternal maturation. Journal of cell science, .  show abstract

Lloyd, M.G. Huckvale, R. Cheung, K.-. Rodrigues, M.J. Collie, G.W. Pierrat, O.A. Gatti Iou, M. Carter, M. Davis, O.A. McAndrew, P.C. Gunnell, E. Le Bihan, Y.-. Talbot, R. Henley, A.T. Johnson, L.D. Hayes, A. Bright, M.D. Raynaud, F.I. Meniconi, M. Burke, R. van Montfort, R.L. Rossanese, O.W. Bellenie, B.R. Hoelder, S. Into Deep Water: Optimizing BCL6 Inhibitors by Growing into a Solvated Pocket. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.64 (23), pp. 17079-17097.  show abstract

Miller, D. Voell, S.A. Sosič, I. Proj, M. Rossanese, O. Schnakenburg, G. Gütschow, M. Collins, I. Steinebach, C. Encoding BRAF Inhibitor Functions in Protein Degraders. Rsc medicinal chemistry, .  show abstract

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