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Adair Smith, G. Dunlop, A. Alexander, S.E. Barnes, H. Casey, F. Chick, J. Gunapala, R. Herbert, T. Lawes, R. Mason, S.A. Mitchell, A. Mohajer, J. Murray, J. Nill, S. Patel, P. Pathmanathan, A. Sritharan, K. Sundahl, N. Westley, R. Tree, A.C. McNair, H.A. (2023). Interobserver variation of clinical oncologists compared to therapeutic radiographers (RTT) prostate contours on T2 weighted MRI. Technical innovations & patient support in radiation oncology, Vol.25, pp. 100200-100200.

Adair Smith, G. Dunlop, A. Alexander, S.E. Barnes, H. Casey, F. Chick, J. Gunapala, R. Herbert, T. Lawes, R. Mason, S.A. Mitchell, A. Mohajer, J. Murray, J. Nill, S. Patel, P. Pathmanathan, A. Sritharan, K. Sundahl, N. Tree, A.C. Westley, R. Williams, B. McNair, H.A. (2023). Evaluation of therapeutic radiographer contouring for magnetic resonance image guided online adaptive prostate radiotherapy. Radiotherapy and oncology, Vol.180, pp. 109457-109457.

Mitchell, A. Ingle, M. Smith, G. Chick, J. Diamantopoulos, S. Goodwin, E. Herbert, T. Huddart, R. McNair, H. Oelfke, U. Nill, S. Dunlop, A. Hafeez, S. (2022). Feasibility of tumour-focused adaptive radiotherapy for bladder cancer on the MR-linac. , Vol.35, pp. 27-32.  show abstract

Sritharan, K. Dunlop, A. Mohajer, J. Adair-Smith, G. Barnes, H. Brand, D. Greenlay, E. Hijab, A. Oelfke, U. Pathmanathan, A. Mitchell, A. Murray, J. Nill, S. Parker, C. Sundahl, N. Tree, A.C. (2022). Dosimetric comparison of automatically propagated prostate contours with manually drawn contours in MRI-guided radiotherapy: A step towards a contouring free workflow?. , Vol.37, pp. 25-32.  show abstract

Lawes, R. Barnes, H. Herbert, T. Mitchell, A. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. Pathmanathan, A. Smith, G.A. Sritharan, K. Tree, A. McNair, H.A. Dunlop, A. (2022). MRI-guided adaptive radiotherapy for prostate cancer: When do we need to account for intra-fraction motion?. , Vol.37, pp. 85-88.  show abstract

Bainbridge, H. Dunlop, A. McQuaid, D. Gulliford, S. Gunapala, R. Ahmed, M. Locke, I. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. McDonald, F. (2022). A Comparison of Isotoxic Dose-escalated Radiotherapy in Lung Cancer with Moderate Deep Inspiration Breath Hold, Mid-ventilation and Internal Target Volume Techniques. Clinical oncology, Vol.34 (3), pp. 151-159.

Ingle, M. White, I. Chick, J. Stankiewicz, H. Mitchell, A. Barnes, H. Herbert, T. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. Huddart, R. Ng-Cheng-Hin, B. Hafeez, S. Lalondrelle, S. Dunlop, A. Bhide, S. (2022). Understanding the Benefit of Magnetic Resonance-guided Adaptive Radiotherapy in Rectal Cancer Patients: a Single-centre Study. , , pp. S0936-6555(22)00492.  show abstract

Mohajer, J. Dunlop, A. Mitchell, A. Goodwin, E. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. Tree, A. (2021). Feasibility of MR-guided ultrahypofractionated radiotherapy in 5, 2 or 1 fractions for prostate cancer. Clinical and translational radiation oncology, Vol.26, pp. 1-7.  show abstract

Roberts, D.A. Sandin, C. Vesanen, P.T. Lee, H. Hanson, I.M. Nill, S. Perik, T. Lim, S.B. Vedam, S. Yang, J. Woodings, S.W. Wolthaus, J.W. Keller, B. Budgell, G. Chen, X. Li, X.A. (2021). Machine QA for the Elekta Unity system: A Report from the Elekta MR‐linac consortium. Medical physics, Vol.48 (5).

Bernstein, D. Taylor, A. Nill, S. Imseeh, G. Kothari, G. Llewelyn, M. De Paepe, K.N. Rockall, A. Shiarli, A.-. Oelfke, U. (2021). An Inter-observer Study to Determine Radiotherapy Planning Target Volumes for Recurrent Gynaecological Cancer Comparing Magnetic Resonance Imaging Only With Computed Tomography-Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Clinical oncology (royal college of radiologists (great britain)), .  show abstract

Bernstein, D. Taylor, A. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. (2021). New target volume delineation and PTV strategies to further personalise radiotherapy. Physics in medicine and biology, .  show abstract

Schuppert, C. Paul, A. Nill, S. Schwahofer, A. Debus, J. Sterzing, F. (2020). A treatment planning study of combined carbon ion-beam plus photon intensity-modulated radiotherapy. , Vol.15, pp. 16-22.  show abstract

Bedford, J.L. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. (2020). Dosimetric accuracy of delivering SBRT using dynamic arcs on Cyberknife. Medical physics, Vol.47 (4), pp. 1533-1544.  show abstract

Costa, F. Doran, S.J. Hanson, I.M. Adamovics, J. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. (2020). Edge effects in 3D dosimetry: characterisation and correction of the non-uniform dose response of PRESAGE®. Physics in medicine and biology, Vol.65 (9), pp. 095003-?.  show abstract

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Menten, M.J. Mohajer, J.K. Nilawar, R. Bertholet, J. Dunlop, A. Pathmanathan, A.U. Moreau, M. Marshall, S. Wetscherek, A. Nill, S. Tree, A.C. Oelfke, U. (2020). Automatic reconstruction of the delivered dose of the day using MR-linac treatment log files and online MR imaging. Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the european society for therapeutic radiology and oncology, Vol.145, pp. 88-94.  show abstract

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Eiben, B. Bertholet, J. Menten, M.J. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. McClelland, J.R. (2020). Consistent and invertible deformation vector fields for a breathing anthropomorphic phantom: a post-processing framework for the XCAT phantom. Physics in medicine and biology, Vol.65 (16), pp. 165005-?.  show abstract

Bedford, J.L. Ziegenhein, P. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. (2019). Beam selection for stereotactic ablative radiotherapy using Cyberknife with multileaf collimation. Medical engineering & physics, Vol.64, pp. 28-36.  show abstract

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