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Reeves, E.L. Li, J. Zormpas-Petridis, K. Boult, J.K. Sullivan, J. Cummings, C. Blouw, B. Kang, D. Sinkus, R. Bamber, J.C. Jamin, Y. Robinson, S.P. (2023). Investigating the contribution of hyaluronan to the breast tumour microenvironment using multiparametric MRI and MR elastography. , Vol.17 (6), pp. 1076-1092.  show abstract

Parasaram, V. Civale, J. Bamber, J.C. Robinson, S.P. Jamin, Y. Harris, E. (2022). Preclinical Three-Dimensional Vibrational Shear Wave Elastography for Mapping of Tumour Biomechanical Properties In Vivo. , Vol.14 (19), p. 4832.  show abstract

Bernauer, C. Man, Y.K. Chisholm, J.C. Lepicard, E.Y. Robinson, S.P. Shipley, J.M. (2021). Hypoxia and its therapeutic possibilities in paediatric cancers. British journal of cancer, .  show abstract

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Poon, E. Liang, T. Jamin, Y. Walz, S. Kwok, C. Hakkert, A. Barker, K. Urban, Z. Thway, K. Zeid, R. Hallsworth, A. Box, G. Ebus, M.E. Licciardello, M.P. Sbirkov, Y. Lazaro, G. Calton, E. Costa, B.M. Valenti, M. De Haven Brandon, A. Webber, H. Tardif, N. Almeida, G.S. Christova, R. Boysen, G. Richards, M.W. Barone, G. Ford, A. Bayliss, R. Clarke, P.A. De Bono, J. Gray, N.S. Blagg, J. Robinson, S.P. Eccles, S.A. Zheleva, D. Bradner, J.E. Molenaar, J. Vivanco, I. Eilers, M. Workman, P. Lin, C.Y. Chesler, L. (2020). Orally bioavailable CDK9/2 inhibitor shows mechanism-based therapeutic potential in MYCN-driven neuroblastoma. The journal of clinical investigation, Vol.130 (11), pp. 5875-5892.  show abstract

King, D. Li, X.D. Almeida, G.S. Kwok, C. Gravells, P. Harrison, D. Burke, S. Hallsworth, A. Jamin, Y. George, S. Robinson, S.P. Lord, C.J. Poon, E. Yeomanson, D. Chesler, L. Bryant, H.E. (2020). MYCN expression induces replication stress and sensitivity to PARP inhibition in neuroblastoma. Oncotarget, Vol.11 (23), pp. 2141-2159.  show abstract

Zormpas-Petridis, K. Poon, E. Clarke, M. Jerome, N.P. Boult, J.K. Blackledge, M.D. Carceller, F. Koers, A. Barone, G. Pearson, A.D. Moreno, L. Anderson, J. Sebire, N. McHugh, K. Koh, D.-. Chesler, L. Yuan, Y. Robinson, S.P. Jamin, Y. (2020). Noninvasive MRI Native T1 Mapping Detects Response to MYCN-targeted Therapies in the Th-MYCN Model of Neuroblastoma. Cancer research, Vol.80 (16), pp. 3424-3435.  show abstract

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O'Connor, J.P. Robinson, S.P. Waterton, J.C. (2019). Imaging tumour hypoxia with oxygen-enhanced MRI and BOLD MRI. The british journal of radiology, Vol.92 (1095), pp. 20180642-?.  show abstract

Carreno, G. Boult, J.K. Apps, J. Gonzalez-Meljem, J.M. Haston, S. Guiho, R. Stache, C. Danielson, L.S. Koers, A. Smith, L.M. Virasami, A. Panousopoulos, L. Buchfelder, M. Jacques, T.S. Chesler, L. Robinson, S.P. Martinez-Barbera, J.P. (2019). SHH pathway inhibition is protumourigenic in adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma. Endocrine-related cancer, Vol.26 (3), pp. 355-366.  show abstract

Zormpas-Petridis, K. Jerome, N.P. Blackledge, M.D. Carceller, F. Poon, E. Clarke, M. McErlean, C.M. Barone, G. Koers, A. Vaidya, S.J. Marshall, L.V. Pearson, A.D. Moreno, L. Anderson, J. Sebire, N. McHugh, K. Koh, D.-. Yuan, Y. Chesler, L. Robinson, S.P. Jamin, Y. (2019). MRI Imaging of the Hemodynamic Vasculature of Neuroblastoma Predicts Response to Antiangiogenic Treatment. Cancer research, Vol.79 (11), pp. 2978-2991.  show abstract

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Jerome, N.P. Boult, J.K. Orton, M.R. d'Arcy, J.A. Nerurkar, A. Leach, M.O. Koh, D.-. Collins, D.J. Robinson, S.P. (2018). Characterisation of fibrosis in chemically-induced rat mammary carcinomas using multi-modal endogenous contrast MRI on a 1 5T clinical platform. European radiology, Vol.28 (4), pp. 1642-1653.  show abstract

Walker-Samuel, S. Roberts, T.A. Ramasawmy, R. Burrell, J.S. Johnson, S.P. Siow, B.M. Richardson, S. Gonçalves, M.R. Pendse, D. Robinson, S.P. Pedley, R.B. Lythgoe, M.F. (2018). Investigating Low-Velocity Fluid Flow in Tumors with Convection-MRI. Cancer research, Vol.78 (7), pp. 1859-1872.  show abstract

Papaevangelou, E. Boult, J.K. Whitley, G.S. Robinson, S.P. Howe, F.A. (2018). Assessment of the direct effects of DDAH I on tumour angiogenesis in vivo. Angiogenesis, Vol.21 (4), pp. 737-749.  show abstract

Boult, J.K. Apps, J.R. Hölsken, A. Hutchinson, J.C. Carreno, G. Danielson, L.S. Smith, L.M. Bäuerle, T. Buslei, R. Buchfelder, M. Virasami, A.K. Koers, A. Arthurs, O.J. Jacques, T.S. Chesler, L. Martinez-Barbera, J.P. Robinson, S.P. (2018). Preclinical transgenic and patient-derived xenograft models recapitulate the radiological features of human adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma. Brain pathology (zurich, switzerland), Vol.28 (4), pp. 475-483.  show abstract

Little, R.A. Jamin, Y. Boult, J.K. Naish, J.H. Watson, Y. Cheung, S. Holliday, K.F. Lu, H. McHugh, D.J. Irlam, J. West, C.M. Betts, G.N. Ashton, G. Reynolds, A.R. Maddineni, S. Clarke, N.W. Parker, G.J. Waterton, J.C. Robinson, S.P. O'Connor, J.P. (2018). Mapping Hypoxia in Renal Carcinoma with Oxygen-enhanced MRI: Comparison with Intrinsic Susceptibility MRI and Pathology. Radiology, Vol.288 (3), pp. 739-747.  show abstract

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Baker, L.C. Sikka, A. Price, J.M. Boult, J.K. Lepicard, E.Y. Box, G. Jamin, Y. Spinks, T.J. Kramer-Marek, G. Leach, M.O. Eccles, S.A. Box, C. Robinson, S.P. (2018). Evaluating Imaging Biomarkers of Acquired Resistance to Targeted EGFR Therapy in Xenograft Models of Human Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Frontiers in oncology, Vol.8, pp. 271-?.  show abstract

Khan, A.A. Paget, J.T. McLaughlin, M. Kyula, J.N. Wilkinson, M.J. Pencavel, T. Mansfield, D. Roulstone, V. Seth, R. Halle, M. Somaiah, N. Boult, J.K. Robinson, S.P. Pandha, H.S. Vile, R.G. Melcher, A.A. Harris, P.A. Harrington, K.J. (2018). Genetically modified lentiviruses that preserve microvascular function protect against late radiation damage in normal tissues. Science translational medicine, Vol.10 (425).  show abstract

Al-Saffar, N.M. Troy, H. Wong Te Fong, A.-. Paravati, R. Jackson, L.E. Gowan, S. Boult, J.K. Robinson, S.P. Eccles, S.A. Yap, T.A. Leach, M.O. Chung, Y.-. (2018). Metabolic biomarkers of response to the AKT inhibitor MK-2206 in pre-clinical models of human colorectal and prostate carcinoma. British journal of cancer, Vol.119 (9), pp. 1118-1128.  show abstract

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Robinson, S.P. Boult, J.K. Vasudev, N.S. Reynolds, A.R. (2017). Monitoring the Vascular Response and Resistance to Sunitinib in Renal Cell Carcinoma In Vivo with Susceptibility Contrast MRI. Cancer research, Vol.77 (15), pp. 4127-4134.  show abstract

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