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Gregucci, F. Spada, S. Barcellos-Hoff, M.H. Bhardwaj, N. Chan Wah Hak, C. Fiorentino, A. Guha, C. Guzman, M.L. Harrington, K. Herrera, F.G. Honeychurch, J. Hong, T. Iturri, L. Jaffee, E. Karam, S.D. Knott, S.R. Koumenis, C. Lyden, D. Marciscano, A.E. Melcher, A. Mondini, M. Mondino, A. Morris, Z.S. Pitroda, S. Quezada, S.A. Santambrogio, L. Shiao, S. Stagg, J. Telarovic, I. Timmerman, R. Vozenin, M.-. Weichselbaum, R. Welsh, J. Wilkins, A. Xu, C. Zappasodi, R. Zou, W. Bobard, A. Demaria, S. Galluzzi, L. Deutsch, E. Formenti, S.C. (2023). Updates on radiotherapy-immunotherapy combinations: Proceedings of 6th annual ImmunoRad conference. , Vol.12 (1), p. 2222560.  show abstract

Bozhanova, G. Hassan, J. Appleton, L. Jennings, V. Foo, S. McLaughlin, M. Chan Wah Hak, C.M. Patin, E.C. Crespo-Rodriguez, E. Baker, G. Armstrong, E. Chiu, M. Pandha, H. Samson, A. Roulstone, V. Kyula, J. Vile, R. Errington-Mais, F. Pedersen, M. Harrington, K. Ono, M. Melcher, A. (2022). CD4 T cell dynamics shape the immune response to combination oncolytic herpes virus and BRAF inhibitor therapy for melanoma. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, Vol.10 (3), pp. e004410-?.  show abstract

Schuelke, M.R. Gundelach, J.H. Coffey, M. West, E. Scott, K. Johnson, D.R. Samson, A. Melcher, A. Vile, R.G. Bram, R.J. (2022). Phase I trial of sargramostim/pelareorep therapy in pediatric patients with recurrent or refractory high-grade brain tumors. , Vol.4 (1), p. vdac085.  show abstract

Patin, E.C. Dillon, M.T. Nenclares, P. Grove, L. Soliman, H. Leslie, I. Northcote, D. Bozhanova, G. Crespo-Rodriguez, E. Baldock, H. Whittock, H. Baker, G. Kyula, J. Guevara, J. Melcher, A.A. Harper, J. Ghadially, H. Smith, S. Pedersen, M. McLaughlin, M. Harrington, K.J. (2022). Harnessing radiotherapy-induced NK-cell activity by combining DNA damage-response inhibition and immune checkpoint blockade. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, Vol.10 (3).  show abstract

Korlimarla, A. Ps, H. Prabhu, J. Ragulan, C. Patil, Y. Vp, S. Desai, K. Mathews, A. Appachu, S. Diwakar, R.B. Bs, S. Melcher, A. Cheang, M. Sadanandam, A. (2022). Comprehensive characterization of immune landscape of Indian and Western triple negative breast cancers. , Vol.25, p. 101511.  show abstract

Wilkins, A. Hall, E. Lewis, R. Gribble, H. Melcher, A. Huddart, R. RE-ARM Trial Management Group,, (2022). RE-ARMing the Immune Response to Bladder Cancer with Radiotherapy. Clinical oncology, .

Murray, J. Cruickshank, C. Bird, T. Bell, P. Braun, J. Chuter, D. Ferreira, M.R. Griffin, C. Hassan, S. Hujairi, N. Melcher, A. Miles, E. Naismith, O. Panades, M. Philipps, L. Reid, A. Rekowski, J. Sankey, P. Staffurth, J. Syndikus, I. Tree, A. Wilkins, A. Hall, E. PEARLS Trial Management Group,, (2022). PEARLS - A multicentre phase II/III trial of extended field radiotherapy for androgen sensitive prostate cancer patients with PSMA-avid pelvic and/or para-aortic lymph nodes at presentation. , Vol.37, pp. 130-136.  show abstract

Samson, A. West, E.J. Carmichael, J. Scott, K.J. Turnbull, S. Kuszlewicz, B. Dave, R.V. Peckham-Cooper, A. Tidswell, E. Kingston, J. Johnpulle, M. da Silva, B. Jennings, V.A. Bendjama, K. Stojkowitz, N. Lusky, M. Prasad, K.R. Toogood, G.J. Auer, R. Bell, J. Twelves, C.J. Harrington, K.J. Vile, R.G. Pandha, H. Errington-Mais, F. Ralph, C. Newton, D.J. Anthoney, A. Melcher, A.A. Collinson, F. (2022). Neoadjuvant Intravenous Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus Therapy Promotes Anticancer Immunity in Patients. Cancer immunology research, .  show abstract

Evgin, L. Kottke, T. Tonne, J. Thompson, J. Huff, A.L. van Vloten, J. Moore, M. Michael, J. Driscoll, C. Pulido, J. Swanson, E. Kennedy, R. Coffey, M. Loghmani, H. Sanchez-Perez, L. Olivier, G. Harrington, K. Pandha, H. Melcher, A. Diaz, R.M. Vile, R.G. (2022). Oncolytic virus–mediated expansion of dual-specific CAR T cells improves efficacy against solid tumors in mice. Science translational medicine, Vol.14 (640).  show abstract

Gazinska, P. Milton, C. Iacovacci, J. Ward, J. Buus, R. Alaguthurai, T. Graham, R. Akarca, A. Lips, E. Naidoo, K. Wesseling, J. Marafioti, T. Cheang, M. Gillett, C. Wu, Y. Khan, A. Melcher, A. Salgado, R. Dowsett, M. Tutt, A. Roxanis, I. Haider, S. Irshad, S. (2022). Dynamic Changes in the NK-, Neutrophil-, and B-cell Immunophenotypes Relevant in High Metastatic Risk Post Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy-Resistant Early Breast Cancers. , , pp. OF1-OF15.  show abstract

West, E.J. Scott, K.J. Tidswell, E. Bendjama, K. Stojkowitz, N. Lusky, M. Kurzawa, M. Prasad, R. Toogood, G. Ralph, C. Anthoney, D.A. Melcher, A.A. Collinson, F.J. Samson, A. (2022). Intravenous Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus Therapy Results in a Differential Immune Response between Cancer Patients. , Vol.14 (9), p. 2181.  show abstract

Melake, M.J. Smith, H.G. Mansfield, D. Davies, E. Dillon, M.T. Wilkins, A.C. Patin, E.C. Pedersen, M. Buus, R. Melcher, A.A. Thway, K. Miah, A.B. Zaidi, S.H. Hayes, A.J. Fenton, T.R. Harrington, K.J. McLaughlin, M. (2022). OX40 and 4-1BB delineate distinct immune profiles in sarcoma. , Vol.11 (1), p. 2066050.  show abstract

Andreou, T. Williams, J. Brownlie, R.J. Salmond, R.J. Watson, E. Shaw, G. Melcher, A. Wurdak, H. Short, S.C. Lorger, M. (2021). Hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy targeting TGFβ enhances the efficacy of irradiation therapy in a preclinical glioblastoma model. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, Vol.9 (3).  show abstract

Müller, L.M. Migneco, G. Scott, G.B. Down, J. King, S. Askar, B. Jennings, V. Oyajobi, B. Scott, K. West, E. Ralph, C. Samson, A. Ilett, E.J. Muthana, M. Coffey, M. Melcher, A. Parrish, C. Cook, G. Lawson, M. Errington-Mais, F. (2021). Reovirus-induced cell-mediated immunity for the treatment of multiple myeloma within the resistant bone marrow niche. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, Vol.9 (3).  show abstract

Roulstone, V. Mansfield, D. Harris, R.J. Twigger, K. White, C. de Bono, J. Spicer, J. Karagiannis, S.N. Vile, R. Pandha, H. Melcher, A. Harrington, K. (2021). Antiviral antibody responses to systemic administration of an oncolytic RNA virus: the impact of standard concomitant anticancer chemotherapies. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, Vol.9 (7).  show abstract

Wilkins, A. Fontana, E. Nyamundanda, G. Ragulan, C. Patil, Y. Mansfield, D. Kingston, J. Errington-Mais, F. Bottomley, D. von Loga, K. Bye, H. Carter, P. Tinkler-Hundal, E. Noshirwani, A. Downs, J. Dillon, M. Demaria, S. Sebag-Montefiore, D. Harrington, K. West, N. Melcher, A. Sadanandam, A. (2021). Differential and longitudinal immune gene patterns associated with reprogrammed microenvironment and viral mimicry in response to neoadjuvant radiotherapy in rectal cancer. J immunother cancer, Vol.9 (3).  show abstract

Challoner, B.R. von Loga, K. Woolston, A. Griffiths, B. Sivamanoharan, N. Semiannikova, M. Newey, A. Barber, L.J. Mansfield, D. Hewitt, L.C. Saito, Y. Davarzani, N. Starling, N. Melcher, A. Grabsch, H.I. Gerlinger, M. (2021). Computational Image Analysis of T-Cell Infiltrates in Resectable Gastric Cancer: Association with Survival and Molecular Subtypes. Journal of the national cancer institute, Vol.113 (1), pp. 88-98.  show abstract

Vile, R.G. Melcher, A. Pandha, H. Harrington, K.J. Pulido, J.S. (2021). APOBEC and Cancer Viroimmunotherapy: Thinking the Unthinkable. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the american association for cancer research, .  show abstract

Appleton, E. Hassan, J. Chan Wah Hak, C. Sivamanoharan, N. Wilkins, A. Samson, A. Ono, M. Harrington, K.J. Melcher, A. Wennerberg, E. (2021). Kickstarting Immunity in Cold Tumours: Localised Tumour Therapy Combinations With Immune Checkpoint Blockade. , Vol.12, p. 754436.  show abstract

Kottke, T. Tonne, J. Evgin, L. Driscoll, C.B. van Vloten, J. Jennings, V.A. Huff, A.L. Zell, B. Thompson, J.M. Wongthida, P. Pulido, J. Schuelke, M.R. Samson, A. Selby, P. Ilett, E. McNiven, M. Roberts, L.R. Borad, M.J. Pandha, H. Harrington, K. Melcher, A. Vile, R.G. (2021). Oncolytic virotherapy induced CSDE1 neo-antigenesis restricts VSV replication but can be targeted by immunotherapy. Nature communications, Vol.12 (1), pp. 1930-?.  show abstract

Annels, N.E. Simpson, G.R. Denyer, M. Arif, M. Coffey, M. Melcher, A. Harrington, K. Vile, R. Pandha, H. (2021). Oncolytic Reovirus-Mediated Recruitment of Early Innate Immune Responses Reverses Immunotherapy Resistance in Prostate Tumors. Molecular therapy oncolytics, Vol.20, pp. 434-446.  show abstract

Crespo-Rodriguez, E. Bergerhoff, K. Bozhanova, G. Foo, S. Patin, E.C. Whittock, H. Buus, R. Haider, S. Muirhead, G. Thway, K. Newbold, K. Coffin, R.S. Vile, R.G. Kim, D. McLaughlin, M. Melcher, A.A. Harrington, K.J. Pedersen, M. (2020). Combining BRAF inhibition with oncolytic herpes simplex virus enhances the immune-mediated antitumor therapy of BRAF-mutant thyroid cancer. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, Vol.8 (2).  show abstract

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Arwert, E.N. Milford, E.L. Rullan, A. Derzsi, S. Hooper, S. Kato, T. Mansfield, D. Melcher, A. Harrington, K.J. Sahai, E. (2020). STING and IRF3 in stromal fibroblasts enable sensing of genomic stress in cancer cells to undermine oncolytic viral therapy. Nature cell biology, Vol.22 (7), pp. 758-766.

Chiu, M. Armstrong, E.J. Jennings, V. Foo, S. Crespo-Rodriguez, E. Bozhanova, G. Patin, E.C. McLaughlin, M. Mansfield, D. Baker, G. Grove, L. Pedersen, M. Kyula, J. Roulstone, V. Wilkins, A. McDonald, F. Harrington, K. Melcher, A. (2020). Combination therapy with oncolytic viruses and immune checkpoint inhibitors. Expert opinion on biological therapy, Vol.20 (6), pp. 635-652.  show abstract

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Driscoll, C.B. Schuelke, M.R. Kottke, T. Thompson, J.M. Wongthida, P. Tonne, J.M. Huff, A.L. Miller, A. Shim, K.G. Molan, A. Wetmore, C. Selby, P. Samson, A. Harrington, K. Pandha, H. Melcher, A. Pulido, J.S. Harris, R. Evgin, L. Vile, R.G. (2020). APOBEC3B-mediated corruption of the tumor cell immunopeptidome induces heteroclitic neoepitopes for cancer immunotherapy. Nature communications, Vol.11 (1), pp. 790-?.  show abstract

Smith, H.G. Jamal, K. Dayal, J.H. Tenev, T. Kyula-Currie, J. Guppy, N. Gazinska, P. Roulstone, V. Liccardi, G. Davies, E. Roxanis, I. Melcher, A.A. Hayes, A.J. Inman, G.J. Harrington, K.J. Meier, P. (2020). RIPK1-mediated immunogenic cell death promotes anti-tumour immunity against soft-tissue sarcoma. Embo molecular medicine, Vol.12 (6), pp. e10979-?.  show abstract

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Annels, N.E. Mansfield, D. Arif, M. Ballesteros-Merino, C. Simpson, G.R. Denyer, M. Sandhu, S.S. Melcher, A.A. Harrington, K.J. Davies, B. Au, G. Grose, M. Bagwan, I. Fox, B. Vile, R. Mostafid, H. Shafren, D. Pandha, H.S. (2019). Phase I Trial of an ICAM-1-Targeted Immunotherapeutic-Coxsackievirus A21 (CVA21) as an Oncolytic Agent Against Non Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the american association for cancer research, Vol.25 (19), pp. 5818-5831.  show abstract

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