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Harvey-Jones, E.J. Lord, C.J. Tutt, A.N. (2023). Systemic Therapy for Hereditary Breast Cancers. , Vol.37 (1), pp. 203-224.  show abstract

Yeung, J. Fotiadis, N. Diamantopoulos, A. Tutt, A. Roxanis, I. Bandula, S. (2023). Next-Generation Sequencing and Image-Guided Tissue Sampling: A Primer for Interventional Radiologists. , .  show abstract

Yamauchi, H. Toi, M. Takayama, S. Nakamura, S. Takano, T. Cui, K. Campbell, C. De Vos, L. Geyer, C. Tutt, A. (2023). Adjuvant olaparib in the subset of patients from Japan with BRCA1- or BRCA2-mutated high-risk early breast cancer from the phase 3 OlympiA trial. , Vol.30 (4), pp. 596-605.  show abstract

Pettitt, S.J. Shao, N. Zatreanu, D. Frankum, J. Bajrami, I. Brough, R. Krastev, D.B. Roumeliotis, T.I. Choudhary, J.S. Lorenz, S. Rust, A. de Bono, J.S. Yap, T.A. Tutt, A.N. Lord, C.J. (2023). A HUWE1 defect causes PARP inhibitor resistance by modulating the BRCA1-∆11q splice variant. , Vol.42 (36), pp. 2701-2709.  show abstract

Yamauchi, H. Toi, M. Takayama, S. Nakamura, S. Takano, T. Cui, K. Campbell, C. De Vos, L. Geyer, C. Tutt, A. (2023). Correction: Adjuvant olaparib in the subset of patients from Japan with BRCA1- or BRCA2-mutated high-risk early breast cancer from the phase 3 OlympiA trial. Breast cancer, Vol.30 (4), pp. 606-606.

Tovey, H. Sipos, O. Parker, J.S. Hoadley, K.A. Quist, J. Kernaghan, S. Kilburn, L. Salgado, R. Loi, S. Kennedy, R.D. Roxanis, I. Gazinska, P. Pinder, S.E. Bliss, J. Perou, C.M. Haider, S. Grigoriadis, A. Tutt, A. Cheang, M.C. (2023). Integrated Multimodal Analyses of DNA Damage Response and Immune Markers as Predictors of Response in Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer in the TNT Trial (NCT00532727). , .  show abstract

Graham, R. Gazinska, P. Zhang, B. Khiabany, A. Sinha, S. Alaguthurai, T. Flores-Borja, F. Vicencio, J. Beuron, F. Roxanis, I. Matkowski, R. Liam-Or, R. Tutt, A. Ng, T. Al-Jamal, K.T. Zhou, Y. Irshad, S. (2023). Serum-derived extracellular vesicles from breast cancer patients contribute to differential regulation of T-cell-mediated immune-escape mechanisms in breast cancer subtypes. , Vol.14.  show abstract

Krastev, D.B. Li, S. Sun, Y. Wicks, A.J. Hoslett, G. Weekes, D. Badder, L.M. Knight, E.G. Marlow, R. Pardo, M.C. Yu, L. Talele, T.T. Bartek, J. Choudhary, J.S. Pommier, Y. Pettitt, S.J. Tutt, A.N. Ramadan, K. Lord, C.J. (2022). The ubiquitin-dependent ATPase p97 removes cytotoxic trapped PARP1 from chromatin. Nature cell biology, .  show abstract

Tarantino, D. Walker, C. Weekes, D. Pemberton, H. Davidson, K. Torga, G. Frankum, J. Mendes-Pereira, A.M. Prince, C. Ferro, R. Brough, R. Pettitt, S.J. Lord, C.J. Grigoriadis, A. Nj Tutt, A. (2022). Functional screening reveals HORMAD1-driven gene dependencies associated with translesion synthesis and replication stress tolerance. Oncogene, .  show abstract

Love, S.B. Cafferty, F. Snowdon, C. Carty, K. Savage, J. Pallmann, P. McParland, L. Brown, L. Masters, L. Schiavone, F. Hague, D. Townsend, S. Amos, C. South, A. Sturgeon, K. Langley, R. Maughan, T. James, N. Hall, E. Kernaghan, S. Bliss, J. Turner, N. Tutt, A. Yap, C. Firth, C. Kong, A. Mehanna, H. Watts, C. Hills, R. Thomas, I. Copland, M. Bell, S. Sebag-Montefiore, D. Jones, R. Parmar, M.K. Sydes, M.R. (2022). Practical guidance for running late-phase platform protocols for clinical trials: lessons from experienced UK clinical trials units. , Vol.23 (1), p. 757.  show abstract

Telli, M.L. Tolaney, S.M. Shapiro, G.I. Middleton, M. Lord, S.R. Arkenau, H.T. Tutt, A. Abramson, V. Dean, E. Haddad, T.C. Wesolowski, R. Ferrer-Playan, J. Goddemeier, T. Grombacher, T. Dong, J. Fleuranceau-Morel, P. Diaz-Padilla, I. Plummer, R. (2022). Phase 1b study of berzosertib and cisplatin in patients with advanced triple-negative breast cancer. Npj breast cancer, Vol.8 (1), pp. 45-?.  show abstract

Geyer, C.E. Garber, J.E. Gelber, R.D. Yothers, G. Taboada, M. Ross, L. Rastogi, P. Cui, K. Arahmani, A. Aktan, G. Armstrong, A.C. Arnedos, M. Balmaña, J. Bergh, J. Bliss, J. Delaloge, S. Domchek, S.M. Eisen, A. Elsafy, F. Fein, L.E. Fielding, A. Ford, J.M. Friedman, S. Gelmon, K.A. Gianni, L. Gnant, M. Hollingsworth, S.J. Im, S.-. Jager, A. Jóhannsson, Lakhani, S.R. Janni, W. Linderholm, B. Liu, T.-. Loman, N. Korde, L. Loibl, S. Lucas, P.C. Marmé, F. Martinez de Dueñas, E. McConnell, R. Phillips, K.-. Piccart, M. Rossi, G. Schmutzler, R. Senkus, E. Shao, Z. Sharma, P. Singer, C.F. Španić, T. Stickeler, E. Toi, M. Traina, T.A. Viale, G. Zoppoli, G. Park, Y.H. Yerushalmi, R. Yang, H. Pang, D. Jung, K.H. Mailliez, A. Fan, Z. Tennevet, I. Zhang, J. Nagy, T. Sonke, G.S. Sun, Q. Parton, M. Colleoni, M.A. Schmidt, M. Brufsky, A.M. Razaq, W. Kaufman, B. Cameron, D. Campbell, C. Tutt, A.N. OlympiA Clinical Trial Steering Committee and Investigators,, (2022). Overall survival in the OlympiA phase III trial of adjuvant olaparib in patients with germline pathogenic variants in BRCA1/2 and high-risk, early breast cancer. , , pp. S0923-7534(22)04165.  show abstract

Gazinska, P. Milton, C. Iacovacci, J. Ward, J. Buus, R. Alaguthurai, T. Graham, R. Akarca, A. Lips, E. Naidoo, K. Wesseling, J. Marafioti, T. Cheang, M. Gillett, C. Wu, Y. Khan, A. Melcher, A. Salgado, R. Dowsett, M. Tutt, A. Roxanis, I. Haider, S. Irshad, S. (2022). Dynamic Changes in the NK-, Neutrophil-, and B-cell Immunophenotypes Relevant in High Metastatic Risk Post Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy-Resistant Early Breast Cancers. , , pp. OF1-OF15.  show abstract

Fitzpatrick, A. Iravani, M. Mills, A. Childs, L. Alaguthurai, T. Clifford, A. Garcia-Murillas, I. Van Laere, S. Dirix, L. Harries, M. Okines, A. Turner, N.C. Haider, S. Tutt, A.N. Isacke, C.M. (2022). Assessing CSF ctDNA to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy and Therapeutic Monitoring in Breast Cancer Leptomeningeal Metastasis. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the american association for cancer research, .  show abstract

Rätze, M.A. Koorman, T. Sijnesael, T. Bassey-Archibong, B. van de Ven, R. Enserink, L. Visser, D. Jaksani, S. Viciano, I. Bakker, E.R. Richard, F. Tutt, A. O'Leary, L. Fitzpatrick, A. Roca-Cusachs, P. van Diest, P.J. Desmedt, C. Daniel, J.M. Isacke, C.M. Derksen, P.W. (2022). Loss of E-cadherin leads to Id2-dependent inhibition of cell cycle progression in metastatic lobular breast cancer. Oncogene, .  show abstract

Turner, N.C. Swift, C. Jenkins, B. Kilburn, L. Coakley, M. Beaney, M. Fox, L. Goddard, K. Garcia-Murillas, I. Proszek, P. Hall, P. Harper-Wynne, C. Hickish, T. Kernaghan, S. Macpherson, I.R. Okines, A.F. Palmieri, C. Perry, S. Randle, K. Snowdon, C. Stobart, H. Wardley, A.M. Wheatley, D. Waters, S. Winter, M.C. Hubank, M. Allen, S.D. Bliss, J.M. c-TRAK TN investigators,, (2022). Results of the c-TRAK TN trial: a clinical trial utilising ctDNA mutation tracking to detect molecular residual disease and trigger intervention in patients with moderate- and high-risk early-stage triple-negative breast cancer. , , pp. S0923-7534(22)04735.  show abstract

Sipos, O. Tovey, H. Quist, J. Haider, S. Nowinski, S. Gazinska, P. Kernaghan, S. Toms, C. Maguire, S. Orr, N. Linn, S.C. Owen, J. Gillett, C. Pinder, S.E. Bliss, J.M. Tutt, A. Cheang, M.C. Grigoriadis, A. (2021). Assessment of structural chromosomal instability phenotypes as biomarkers of carboplatin response in triple negative breast cancer: the TNT trial. Annals of oncology : official journal of the european society for medical oncology, Vol.32 (1), pp. 58-65.  show abstract

Early Breast Cancer Trialists’ Collaborative group (EBCTCG),, (2021). Trastuzumab for early-stage, HER2-positive breast cancer: a meta-analysis of 13 864 women in seven randomised trials. The lancet. oncology, Vol.22 (8), pp. 1139-1150.  show abstract

Harvey-Jones, E. Vinas Villaro, G. Tutt, A. (2021). New Roles of Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors in the Treatment of Breast Cancer. Cancer journal (sudbury, mass.), Vol.27 (6), pp. 441-456.  show abstract

Stevenson, J. Barrow-McGee, R. Yu, L. Paul, A. Mansfield, D. Owen, J. Woodman, N. Natrajan, R. Haider, S. Gillett, C. Tutt, A. Pinder, S.E. Choudary, J. Naidoo, K. (2021). Proteomics of REPLICANT perfusate detects changes in the metastatic lymph node microenvironment. Npj breast cancer, Vol.7 (1), pp. 24-?.  show abstract

Bajrami, I. Walker, C. Krastev, D.B. Weekes, D. Song, F. Wicks, A.J. Alexander, J. Haider, S. Brough, R. Pettitt, S.J. Tutt, A.N. Lord, C.J. (2021). Sirtuin inhibition is synthetic lethal with BRCA1 or BRCA2 deficiency. Commun biol, Vol.4 (1), pp. 1270-?.  show abstract

Peck, B. Bland, P. Mavrommati, I. Muirhead, G. Cottom, H. Wai, P.T. Maguire, S.L. Barker, H.E. Morrison, E. Kriplani, D. Yu, L. Gibson, A. Falgari, G. Brennan, K. Farnie, G. Buus, R. Marlow, R. Novo, D. Knight, E. Guppy, N. Kolarevic, D. Susnjar, S. Milijic, N.M. Naidoo, K. Gazinska, P. Roxanis, I. Pancholi, S. Martin, L.-. Holgersen, E.M. Cheang, M.C. Noor, F. Postel-Vinay, S. Quinn, G. McDade, S. Krasny, L. Huang, P. Daley, F. Wallberg, F. Choudhary, J.S. Haider, S. Tutt, A.N. Natrajan, R. (2021). 3D Functional Genomics Screens Identify CREBBP as a Targetable Driver in Aggressive Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Cancer research, .  show abstract

Harris, R.J. Cheung, A. Ng, J.C. Laddach, R. Chenoweth, A.M. Crescioli, S. Fittall, M. Dominguez-Rodriguez, D. Roberts, J. Levi, D. Liu, F. Alberts, E. Quist, J. Santaolalla, A. Pinder, S.E. Gillett, C. Hammar, N. Irshad, S. Van Hemelrijck, M. Dunn-Walters, D.K. Fraternali, F. Spicer, J.F. Lacy, K.E. Tsoka, S. Grigoriadis, A. Tutt, A.N. Karagiannis, S.N. (2021). Tumor-Infiltrating B Lymphocyte Profiling Identifies IgG-Biased, Clonally Expanded Prognostic Phenotypes in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Cancer research, .  show abstract

Turner, N.C. Balmaña, J. Poncet, C. Goulioti, T. Tryfonidis, K. Honkoop, A.H. Zoppoli, G. Razis, E. Johannsson, O.T. Colleoni, M. Tutt, A.N. Audeh, W. Ignatiadis, M. Mailliez, A. Trédan, O. Musolino, A. Vuylsteke, P. Juan-Fita, M.J. Macpherson, I.R. Kaufman, B. Manso, L. Goldstein, L.J. Ellard, S.L. Láng, I. Jen, K.Y. Adam, V. Litière, S. Erban, J. Cameron, D.A. BRAVO Steering Committee and the BRAVO investigators,, (2021). Niraparib for Advanced Breast Cancer with Germline BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations: the EORTC 1307-BCG/BIG5-13/TESARO PR-30-50-10-C BRAVO Study. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the american association for cancer research, Vol.27 (20), pp. 5482-5491.  show abstract

Zatreanu, D. Robinson, H.M. Alkhatib, O. Boursier, M. Finch, H. Geo, L. Grande, D. Grinkevich, V. Heald, R.A. Langdon, S. Majithiya, J. McWhirter, C. Martin, N.M. Moore, S. Neves, J. Rajendra, E. Ranzani, M. Schaedler, T. Stockley, M. Wiggins, K. Brough, R. Sridhar, S. Gulati, A. Shao, N. Badder, L.M. Novo, D. Knight, E.G. Marlow, R. Haider, S. Callen, E. Hewitt, G. Schimmel, J. Prevo, R. Alli, C. Ferdinand, A. Bell, C. Blencowe, P. Bot, C. Calder, M. Charles, M. Curry, J. Ekwuru, T. Ewings, K. Krajewski, W. MacDonald, E. McCarron, H. Pang, L. Pedder, C. Rigoreau, L. Swarbrick, M. Wheatley, E. Willis, S. Wong, A.C. Nussenzweig, A. Tijsterman, M. Tutt, A. Boulton, S.J. Higgins, G.S. Pettitt, S.J. Smith, G.C. Lord, C.J. (2021). Polθ inhibitors elicit BRCA-gene synthetic lethality and target PARP inhibitor resistance. Nature communications, Vol.12 (1), pp. 3636-?.  show abstract

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ICGC/TCGA Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes Consortium,, (2020). Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes. Nature, Vol.578 (7793), pp. 82-93.  show abstract

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