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Lai-Kwon, J. Vanderbeek, A.M. Minchom, A. Lee Aiyegbusi, O. Ogunleye, D. Stephens, R. Calvert, M. Yap, C. (2022). Using Patient-Reported Outcomes in Dose-Finding Oncology Trials: Surveys of Key Stakeholders and the National Cancer Research Institute Consumer Forum. , Vol.27 (9), pp. 768-777.  show abstract

Williamson, S.F. Grayling, M.J. Mander, A.P. Noor, N.M. Savage, J.S. Yap, C. Wason, J.M. (2022). Subgroup analyses in randomized controlled trials frequently categorized continuous subgroup information. , Vol.150, pp. 72-79.  show abstract

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Silva, R.B. Yap, C. Carvajal, R. Lee, S.M. (2021). Would the Recommended Dose Have Been Different Using Novel Dose-Finding Designs? Comparing Dose-Finding Designs in Published Trials. Jco precision oncology, (5), pp. 1024-1034.  show abstract

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Pallmann, P. Wan, F. Mander, A.P. Wheeler, G.M. Yap, C. Clive, S. Hampson, L.V. Jaki, T. (2020). Designing and evaluating dose-escalation studies made easy: The MoDEsT web app. Clin trials, Vol.17 (2), pp. 147-156.  show abstract

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Mergental, H. Laing, R.W. Kirkham, A.J. Perera, M.T. Boteon, Y.L. Attard, J. Barton, D. Curbishley, S. Wilkhu, M. Neil, D.A. Hübscher, S.G. Muiesan, P. Isaac, J.R. Roberts, K.J. Abradelo, M. Schlegel, A. Ferguson, J. Cilliers, H. Bion, J. Adams, D.H. Morris, C. Friend, P.J. Yap, C. Afford, S.C. Mirza, D.F. (2020). Transplantation of discarded livers following viability testing with normothermic machine perfusion. Nat commun, Vol.11 (1), p. 2939.  show abstract

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Pratt, G. Yap, C. Oldreive, C. Slade, D. Bishop, R. Griffiths, M. Dyer, M.J. Fegan, C. Oscier, D. Pettitt, A. Matutes, E. Devereux, S. Allsup, D. Bloor, A. Hillmen, P. Follows, G. Rule, S. Moss, P. Stankovic, T. (2018). A multi-centre phase I trial of the PARP inhibitor olaparib in patients with relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, T-prolymphocytic leukaemia or mantle cell lymphoma. British journal of haematology, Vol.182 (3), pp. 429-433.

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Book Chapters

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