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Cruz-Migoni, A. Canning, P. Quevedo, C.E. Bataille, C.J. Bery, N. Miller, A. Russell, A.J. Phillips, S.E. Carr, S.B. Rabbitts, T.H. (2019). Structure-based development of new RAS-effector inhibitors from a combination of active and inactive RAS-binding compounds. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of america, Vol.116 (7), pp. 2545-2550.  show abstract

Zhang, J. Shrivastava, S. Cleveland, R.O. Rabbitts, T.H. (2019). Lipid-mRNA Nanoparticle Designed to Enhance Intracellular Delivery Mediated by Shock Waves. Acs applied materials & interfaces, Vol.11 (11), pp. 10481-10491.  show abstract

Pais, H. Ruggero, K. Zhang, J. Al-Assar, O. Bery, N. Bhuller, R. Weston, V. Kearns, P.R. Mecucci, C. Miller, A. Rabbitts, T.H. (2019). Surfaceome interrogation using an RNA-seq approach highlights leukemia initiating cell biomarkers in an LMO2 T cell transgenic model. Scientific reports, Vol.9 (1), pp. 5760-?.  show abstract

Chambers, J.S. Brend, T. Rabbitts, T.H. (2019). Cancer cell killing by target antigen engagement with engineered complementary intracellular antibody single domains fused to pro-caspase3. Scientific reports, Vol.9 (1), pp. 8553-?.  show abstract

Bery, N. Legg, S. Debreczeni, J. Breed, J. Embrey, K. Stubbs, C. Kolasinska-Zwierz, P. Barrett, N. Marwood, R. Watson, J. Tart, J. Overman, R. Miller, A. Phillips, C. Minter, R. Rabbitts, T.H. (2019). KRAS-specific inhibition using a DARPin binding to a site in the allosteric lobe. Nature communications, Vol.10 (1), pp. 2607-?.  show abstract

Quevedo, C.E. Cruz-Migoni, A. Bery, N. Miller, A. Tanaka, T. Petch, D. Bataille, C.J. Lee, L.Y. Fallon, P.S. Tulmin, H. Ehebauer, M.T. Fernandez-Fuentes, N. Russell, A.J. Carr, S.B. Phillips, S.E. Rabbitts, T.H. (2018). Small molecule inhibitors of RAS-effector protein interactions derived using an intracellular antibody fragment. Nature communications, Vol.9 (1), pp. 3169-?.  show abstract