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Stewart, A. Coker, E.A. Pölsterl, S. Georgiou, A. Minchom, A.R. Carreira, S. Cunningham, D. O'Brien, M.E. Raynaud, F.I. de Bono, J.S. Al-Lazikani, B. Banerji, U. (2019). Differences in Signaling Patterns on PI3K Inhibition Reveal Context Specificity in KRAS-Mutant Cancers. Molecular cancer therapeutics, Vol.18 (8), pp. 1396-1404.  show abstract

Banerji, U. van Herpen, C.M. Saura, C. Thistlethwaite, F. Lord, S. Moreno, V. Macpherson, I.R. Boni, V. Rolfo, C. de Vries, E.G. Rottey, S. Geenen, J. Eskens, F. Gil-Martin, M. Mommers, E.C. Koper, N.P. Aftimos, P. (2019). Trastuzumab duocarmazine in locally advanced and metastatic solid tumours and HER2-expressing breast cancer: a phase 1 dose-escalation and dose-expansion study. The lancet. oncology, Vol.20 (8), pp. 1124-1135.  show abstract

Banerji, U. Dean, E.J. Pérez-Fidalgo, J.A. Batist, G. Bedard, P.L. You, B. Westin, S.N. Kabos, P. Garrett, M.D. Tall, M. Ambrose, H. Barrett, J.C. Carr, T.H. Cheung, S.Y. Corcoran, C. Cullberg, M. Davies, B.R. de Bruin, E.C. Elvin, P. Foxley, A. Lawrence, P. Lindemann, J.P. Maudsley, R. Pass, M. Rowlands, V. Rugman, P. Schiavon, G. Yates, J. Schellens, J.H. (2018). A Phase I Open-Label Study to Identify a Dosing Regimen of the Pan-AKT Inhibitor AZD5363 for Evaluation in Solid Tumors and in PIK3CA-Mutated Breast and Gynecologic Cancers. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the american association for cancer research, Vol.24 (9), pp. 2050-2059.  show abstract