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Diagnostic radiology & CT course

Course dates

Wednesday 21 - Friday 23 February 2024


The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Fulham Road, London SW3

Course overview

The course is organised by the Joint Department of Physics of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research.

This course is designed to provide in-depth academic teaching of the scientific principles underpinning x-ray and CT imaging, including descriptions of the imaging components, system testing and performance, patient dosimetry, factors affecting image quality and examples of optimisation in healthcare settings.

The course is run over three days (Wednesday to Friday). Each day is designed to cover a particular theme. The first day covers the diagnostic radiology physics toolkit and the design of imaging systems; the second day focuses on performance and testing; the third day is dedicated to clinical applications, novel techniques and optimisation.

The course is primarily aimed at individuals who are undertaking formal training in medical physics. As well as being suitable for new entrants to the medical physics profession, it would also be of benefit to post-graduate students, post-doctoral research workers, physicist-managers, representatives of allied commercial organisations and anyone wishing to deepen or re-establish their understanding of the physics of medical imaging.

Provisional lecture list

  • Design of the digital x-ray unit
  • Design of the digital mammography unit
  • The multi-slice CT scanner
  • Patient dosimetry techniques
  • Reconstruction in CT
  • Digital image processing and presentation
  • PACS, DICOM and displays
  • Image quality assessment
  • Performance of digital X-ray detectors
  • X-ray quality control
  • Quantitative image quality analysis
  • Performance of CT imaging systems
  • CT quality control
  • Calculation of Effective Dose
  • Digital system design and optimisation in clinical practice
  • Developments in digital detector technology
  • Advances in x-ray imaging techniques
  • Advances in CT in radiology
  • CT in radiotherapy
  • CT in nuclear medicine
  • CT optimisation in clinical practice

Registration & Course fees

Registration Form

All current course registration fees are given on our registration form.

The cost includes lunches and light refreshments. Electronic copies of the presentations and a certificate of attendance are provided.

You will be allocated a place on receipt of a completed registration form and a valid quoted payment reference/purchase order or completed bank transfer. We are unable to accept provisional bookings.

The number of participants is limited, so early booking is advised.  Applications from outside the UK are welcome.

Closing date for registrations – 5 February 2024

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Suggested Reading List

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Course Organiser: Ed McDonagh

For registration details and any other queries contact:

Course Administrator: Mrs Jessica Keegan

This is a CPD course approved by IPEM


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