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Alumni, careers and destinations

We are proud of the successes of all of our former students and strive to continue to include them as part of the ICR community as they move forward in their careers.

Join our alumni network

We strive for our past students to continue to feel part of our community after they graduate.

As part of our ICR alumni community, you will be able to keep in touch in a variety of ways:

  • You can sign up to receive 'Network' - our alumni newsletter where we share exciting news and updates about the ICR;
  • You can join our ICR student alumni LinkedIn group - to stay updated about networking opportunities between our current students and past alumni;
  • You can also email us at - to update us on your career path, and potentially have your story featured on our alumni profiles page.

Our students gain valuable research skills during their studies at the ICR and have strong employment prospects. They also benefit from our bespoke careers advice and support service, helping them to find the right job and achieve their potential.

The infographic below shows some of our top graduate employers and sample job titles (first destinations). Of those that graduated between 2010 and 2019 that completed a non-clinical research degree, 91% of non-clinical graduates went directly into active scientific research roles, with 3% of non-clinical graduates going into science and research-related roles.

Of the 91% of non-clinical graduates in active scientific research roles, 88% were in academia, and 12% in industry all over the world.

Please click the image to see a larger version:

Alumni Infographic Update 2020 (2)

Many of our clinical alumni also manage to remain engaged in research. Our recent clinical alumni survey revealed that 98% continued to be research active in their first role following speciality training (62/63). Their involvement covers a range of activities, most commonly within clinical trials and radiotherapy/imaging.

Degree verification

Third party organisations (such as employers or other universities) may verify ICR awards or current student status via Prospects Hedd, which is the UK’s official degree verification hub. There is a small charge for each enquiry and you must provide the written consent of the individual concerned.

When using Hedd to verify an ICR award, please enter the person’s details exactly as they appear on their degree certificate. The information you provide will be checked against our Registry records and, if valid, you will receive confirmation of the individual’s name, qualification type, course, year of award, classification (where relevant), and dates of attendance.

If you require assistance with verifications, please email in the first instance.

Alumni profiles

Some of our alumni have shared their experiences of studying at the ICR and their career journeys so far.

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Heba Saliem

Dr Heba Saliem completed her PhD at The Institute of Cancer Research in 2014. She was recently awarded a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship to develop new computational methods to interpret data from large-scale imaging studies.

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Dan Lloyd

Professor Dan Lloyd completed his PhD at The Institute of Cancer Research in 1998. Remaining within academia, he is now the Deputy Head of School of Biosciences at the University of Kent. His research into DNA damage, and how this relates to cancer and its treatment, underpins varied teaching, research and managerial responsibilities.

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Susana Banerjee

Dr Susana Banerjee completed her PhD and second year of her Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology at the ICR, and is now a Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Royal Marsden. She continues her research collaborating with the ICR and is the lead for clinical and translational trials in gynaecological cancers.

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Timothy Yap

Dr Yap undertook a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology in the Division of Cancer Therapeutics from February 2007 to August 2010. As a Medical Oncology Specialist Registrar, he also undertook a Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology at The Institute of Cancer Research, which he completed in October 2013.

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