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The Ollie Young Foundation

Ollie Young passed away from a type of brain tumour called a glioblastoma the day before his sixth birthday. As part of his legacy, his family set up the Ollie Young Foundation in his honour.

The Ollie Young Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for targeted paediatric brain tumour research and support.

Through their tireless fundraising, they have now donated and pledged over an incredible £340,000 towards the research of Yura Grabovska – a Bioinformatics Officer in Professor Chris Jones’s Glioma Team. Yura’s expertise is vital in enabling the team to effectively and efficiently interpret the complex datasets generated from their analysis of patient samples. This analysis is a crucial part of identifying and prioritising the most promising drug candidates.

I resolved that the name 'Ollie Young' would never be forgotten. 

Just 12 weeks before his death, Ollie was a typical cheeky five year-old little boy. He’d enjoy tea dates, playing with his local football team, racing around on his bike and scooter, and laughing as he played with his friends.

Out of the blue, Ollie complained of dizziness in November 2011. Concerning symptoms developed rapidly so his family attended various doctors and hospital appointments. Ten days after his dizziness began, they were told he had a brain tumour. 

Ollie was diagnosed with a type of brain tumour called a glioblastoma, which was inoperable because of its location. Glioblastoma is more than one disease, with different types developing at different ages and in different areas of the brain. These variations are part of what makes them so challenging to treat. 

Ollie passed away on 26th February 2012, just one day before his sixth birthday. Ollie’s mummy, Sarah, says: “As I hugged him that morning, lost in this world of Ollie and I, I thought how incredibly proud I was of this beautiful boy I loved with all my heart and soul. And I resolved that the name of Ollie Young would never be forgotten.”

His family honour his memory through The Ollie Young Foundation. The foundation funds research, like Yura’s, to improve the outlook for other children with brain tumours. Yura says: “I am truly grateful to the Ollie Young Foundation for their generous support of my research. I find it extremely motivating that my research is working towards better outcomes for children like Ollie – and bringing hope to their families.” 

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