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The Discovery Club

The Discovery Club is a special group of visionary supporters who help us to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

Our high-value giving club provides its members with personal access to the science behind our discoveries. Through special events and updates, it is an opportunity to speak directly with the people who are working towards better outcomes for cancer patients and learn more about key areas of the ICR’s work.

To find out more, please contact Hannah Joyce, Deputy Director of Philanthropy.

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Iona Black at The ICR Discovery Club with guest

Why should you donate to cancer research?

Our cancer research priorities for 2023

Each year your support is directed to our designated priorities, linked to our research strategy.

We invite you to join us and help to make the discoveries that defeat cancer by contributing a minimum philanthropic gift of £10,000 a year. We would be delighted to welcome you to our community of donors making a real difference to cancer patients' lives.

This year, our key priorities are:

  • Improving the outlook for people with cancers of unmet need
    Around half of cancer patients in the UK now survive their cancer for more than ten years. But, some cancer types, such as sarcoma, childhood and pancreatic cancer, are harder to treat and survive. As a charity and university, we have a special responsibility to research cancers of unmet need. Please help us to invest in the scientists and equipment they need to open fresh avenues for research and treatment.

  • Invest in the latest technology to defeat cancer
    Rapid advances in technology mean we must constantly invest in the latest equipment for our research, to give us the best chance of defeating cancer. Whether a new microscopy system to analyse 3D tumour models, or sequencing machines to understand the genetics of individual cancer cells, the cost of technology can reach hundreds of thousand of pounds every year.

  • Training the cancer research leaders of the future
    The ICR Studentships Awards enable us to develop the very best young scientists and clinicians through the various stages of their training, from doctoral studentships to their first team leader positions.

Dr Paul Huang, who recently presented at a Discovery Club event, speaks about how the ICR is taking on the challenges of cancers of unmet need.


Meet our new Chief Executive and President, Professor Kristian Helin

Professor Kristian Helin hosts our Discovery Club event series with opportunities to get to know our leading scientists and clinicians.

Meet our researchers

Learn about the impact of our research and support their work as they make the discoveries to defeat cancer.