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The Business and Innovation Office has many industrial partners and works with them to transform ideas into new products for the benefit of cancer patients. We interact in a number of ways with commercial partners, who can provide the resources and complementary expertise required to take our research findings through development, manufacture and into the clinic.

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The Institute of Cancer Research has a strong track record of working collaboratively with industry both in early stage research and to develop products. The Business and Innovation Office supports industry and the ICR research community in working together on projects where each party brings their own experience and expertise to the work. We can also assist in finding external funding sources for work in partnership with the ICR.


The Business and Innovation Office works with ICR researchers to protect, market and licence technologies created in the ICR laboratories. The wide range of oncology research undertaken at the ICR constantly increases our portfolio of intellectual property and we welcome contact from companies interested in licensing any of our technologies.

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Staff from the ICR are available for external consultancy work enabling us to share our knowledge with industry, government and the public sector. We work closely with clients in business and industry to meet their needs and the Enterprise Unit can assist you in finding suitable expertise.

Clinical trials contracts

ICR staff participate in numerous clinical trials projects to study investigational new drugs or treatment regimens. These studies are often funded by pharmaceutical companies or other external partners. The Business and Innovation Office is responsible for reviewing and negotiating clinical trials contracts on behalf of the ICR and our clinical partner The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.


The Business and Innovation Office also forms its own companies, known as spinout companies as a means of commercialising ICR research leading to the formation of sustainable businesses which contribute to the economic activity of the UK.

Opportunity: CAR-T therapy development for breast cancer and other solid tumours

We are seeking a partner to continue the development of CAR-T technology targeted against transmembrane glycoprotein Endosialin in breast cancer and other solid tumours.

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Opportunity: new drug in ovarian cancer

We are seeking a partner to enable progression of this phase-II-ready compound and companion biomarker diagnostic test through to mid-late stage clinical development.

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Opportunity: image/AI-driven cancer biomarker to measure immune environment

We are seeking a partner to continue the commercial development of AI-TIL: an image-based biomarker that quantifies tumour-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) from histopathological samples using proprietary AI technologies.

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Opportunity: cancer vaccines or immunotherapy to tackle drug resistance

We're seeking a partner to collaborate on the development of anti-cancer vaccines and/or immunotherapeutic approaches to help overcome resistance to PARP inhibition or platinum-based chemotherapy

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Opportunity: IL23 inhibitors in prostate cancer

We are seeking a partner to continue the development of IL-23 inhibitors in advanced, castration resistant prostate cancer following the surprising discovery that IL-23 secreted by myeloid suppressor cells confers resistance to androgen deprivation therapy.

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Opportunity: biomarker for CDK4/6 and/or aromatase inhibitor response in breast cancer

We're seeking partners to continue the development of a breast cancer gene signature for predicting resistance/sensitivity to aromatase inhibitors and/or CDK4/6 inhibitors.

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Opportunity: ARID1A and other BAF complex defects as biomarkers for ATRi resistance

We are seeking a partner to continue the development of ARID1A and other BAF-complex genes as cancer biomarkers for predicting sensitivity to ATR inhibitors.

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Opportunity: predicting radiotherapy response in bladder cancer

We are seeking a partner to continue the development of a gene expression profiling method for predicting response to radiotherapy in muscle invasive bladder cancer.

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Opportunity: monitoring tumour evolution using methylation signatures in ctDNA

We are seeking a partner to continue the development into commercial applications of a method of determining and tracking tumour evolution using the methylation signature of circulating tumour DNA.

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